Bottlecap Vikings

Bottlecap Vikings (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: Tasty Minstrel Games

You are a Viking!

Small yet mighty, you will sail, loot, and plunder your way around a bottlecap. Brave dangerous waters, build your village, and gain glory until the Valkyries come to claim the fallen.

Bottlecap Vikings features:
- A variable action rondel
- Two different victory conditions
- Individual player ability trees
- And tons of fun!

1 Octagonal "Bottlecap"
8 Trapezoidal Board Spaces
22 Valkyrie Tokens
4 City Cards
20 Player Tokens

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 30-60 minutes

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Solid small footprint game
Not sure why the other review is so negative. It is not hard to learn how to play and the icons are easily parsed after referring to the rulebook once.. It is compelling enough and offers enough choices for its short duration and small footprint. My son and I have enjoyed our plays. The different player boards and different tile powers and order each game make it replayable. Not everyone will love it, but you can say that about any game. At clearance prices, it is a bargain.
Game Play
Review by Zenmaster on 10/10/2018
I see what they were trying to go for in the game, but with what is happening they should’ve just made it a full scale game with more actions. It’s a cute idea. But we won’t play after the first 2 times. You set up the little octagon board and place the tile pieces going around the board. You move around the little board up to 3 spaces at a time. Each piece of the board tells you what action you do for that tile. You have to keep the instructions out looking up what everything means. We had to keep asking what everything was. The pictures aren’t explanation enough, too tiny, especially if you land on a tile that has 2 actions that can be had. We were bored with game play. Nothing to do while it's someone else's turn. If this is was full scale game with more actions it would have more potential. Or if there were a few things less to do being that it's small scale, or pictures better explained what was going on.
There’s a lot going on with all the different icon tiles you have with your little board and you have to keep track of things. Again I like what they were trying to do but not as a small game. They wanted to make it feel like a large scale board game with all the stuff going on but able to be miniature.
Now just because this game wasn’t a fit for us doesn’t mean it’s not a fit for you. There’s just a lot going on and we didn’t play it anymore because we didn’t like it. Now someone else could play it more thinking it’s a fantastic game.
Game Play
Review by bubblerider on 11/27/2017
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