Dungeon Roll - Hero Booster Pack #1

Dungeon Roll: Hero Booster Pack #1

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The Hero Booster Pack 1 contains a set of 8 extra heroes to use with the Dungeon Roll game. Each hero has their own special and ultimate powers. The heroes included in this promo pack are the Alchemist, Scout, Undead Viking, Leprechaun, Dwarf Berserker, Elf Tracker, Treasure Hunter, and Sorceress.

Ages: 8+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 15-30 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Dungeon Roll is required to play.




More Heroes is Great, But Not All Of The Heroes Are Great
The Hero Booster pack provides 8 new heroes for Dungeon roll, as well as a small rulebook explaining how they are used. They are the same size and shape of the ones from the base game. Costing a whooping $5, are these 8 cards and mini rulebook worth it?


Each hero will be base/upgraded in their description

Dwarf/Beserker: Dwarf side has the specialty that you start with 2 party dice in the graveyard but if you defeat 2+ monster with a Champion you reroll it instead of discarding it. His ability is Rally: Discard 1 Monster for each Champion in your party and re-roll all Champions in your party.
His Beserker side has the same specialty but has the Beserker Rage ability, which lets you roll 4 dungeon dice from your graveyard and add them to your party BUT you can't retire from the dungeon unless you defeated a Dragon that level or it's level 10.

The Dwarf is, unfortunately for him, not an extremely useful hero. Starting off with 2 dice in the graveyard is absolutely brutal and you can see your runs end in the second or third level quite easily if you don't roll a lot of useful party dice. He doesn't get played much in our group because frankly, he stinks because it's really hard to get the 5 exp to level him up so you can get some of your party dice back. He definitely needs some help with his people skills so his party doesn't run away before he even ventures into the dungeon!

Tracker/Ranger: Her Specialty is the same on both sides- Once per level you may re-roll 1 Goblin. Her Tracker ability is Called Shot which lets you discard 1 monster of any type while her Ranger ability is Flurry of Arrows which lets you discard 1 monster of each type.

The Tracker is a really, really useful hero to have. You can re-roll those stupid goblin monsters (Esp. when you only have 1 of them) and hope to get a treasure or potion or at least a monster you already have 1 of so you can take down multiple monsters with 1 party member. Her Ranger side is even better, giving you the umph you need to beat some of the later levels so you can get that additional experience. She's a well done hero that isn't amazingly useful but doesn't make you groan when you draw her either and wait for the next game to start.

Scout/Dungeoneer: His Specialty is the same on both sides. When forming the Party roll 6 Dungeon dice and assign them to levels 1,2, and 3. His Scout side has the ability Scout Ahead which lets you retire during the monster phase but you have to reduce the level die by 1. His Dungeoneer side has Know When to Say When which lets you retire immediately and collect exp equal to the level die.

The Scout is great. Letting you know what's going to happen and SET the first 3 levels of the Dungeon is amazing and you can easily breeze through them based on what you roll with you party dice. 3 goblins? Great- level 3, here you go! 2 treasures? Level 2! Etc. etc. etc. This gives him a huge advantage in the early levels and his Dungeoneer ability is amazing. You can advance another level, realize that there's no way you can beat it, and run away and get full exp anyways! Great! He's a solid hero who is really useful in the game. Maybe a tad bit too useful sometimes.

Archaeologist/Tomb Raider: His Specialty is the same on both sides. You draw 2 treasure tokens when forming the party but have to discard 6 treasure tokens at the end of the game. His Archaeologist ability is Treasure Seeker which lets you draw 2 treasure tokens from the box and discard 2 treasure tokens. His Tomb Raider Ability is the same but you only discard 1 treasure token instead.

The Archaeologist is an ok hero. Discarding 6 treasure tokens at the end of the game is brutal and usually costs him the game because that's 6 points (At least) right there. Couple that with the fact that you've probably used his ability earlier to dump some of the treasure tokens you had that weren't quite as useful at that current moment and you have a big problem. Unless you use all your treasure up during the course of the game you're usually only stuck with the exp you gained and lose because everyone else gets a few treasure points as well. His discarding is a bit too brutal and no one in our group really enjoys playing with him because of that.

Sorceress/Drake Kin: Her specialty is the same on both sides and lets you discard all the dice in the Dragon's Lair when there are 3 or more of them. Her Sorceress ability is Dragon Breath, which lets you discard 1 monster for each die in the Dragon's Lair. Her Drake Kin ability is Dragon Fury, which lets you discard all the monsters of 1 type for each die in the Dragon's Lair.

Can you say amazing? The Sorceress really has it going on in this dungeon. She can easily defeat 2 enemies or 2 monster groups using her ability and she never has to fight the Dragon, letting you save your party for a few extra levels. While she doesn't get treasure from fighting the Dragon either, it's a huge tradeoff. Easily my second favorite hero in this expansion.

Leprechaun/Clurichaun: His specialty is the same on both sides and lets you use all potions as chests and you have to discard all treasure tokens at the end of the game. His Leprechaun ability is Bit O' Luck, which lets you transform 1 monsters into 1 chest. His Clurichaun ability is Fortunate Strike which lets you transform 2 monsters into 1 chest.

Can you say ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE???????? I can. Easily one of my least favorite (if not my least favorite) hero in the game. He completely stinks because he has to discard all of his treasure, which means all those dragon scales you picked up? Not helpful at all. You only get points for your exp. He's a terrible, terrible hero. Not worth playing ever.

Alchemist/Thaumaturge: Her specialty is the same on both sides and makes all chests become potions. Her Alchemist ability is Healing Salve which lets you roll 1 party die from your graveyard and add it to your party. Her Thaumaturge ability is Transformation Potion which lets you roll 2 party dice from your graveyard and add them to your party.

Can you say AMAZING? My second favorite hero behind the Guild Leader, the Alchemist is amazingly useful. You can use thieves to quaff potions because you don't have any chests, you can bring party dice back from your graveyard by just using your ability, and you can almost have a potentially game-breaking combo if you roll well enough with her ability and potion drinking. She's incredible and is easily the best hero hands down in this expansion. She usually scores really high and does a great job in any dungeon run.

Viking/Undead Viking: His specialty is the sameon both sides and makes you remove 2 party dice from the game and, instead of rolling, set the remaining 5 dice to champions EXCEPT his Undead Viking side turns all skeletons into potions.. His Viking ability is Viking Fury which lets you discard all dice in the Dragon's Lair and his Undead Viking ability is the exact same.

If it wasn't for the Leprechaun this would be the worst hero in this expansion. He's incredibly weak and usually makes it like to level 3 in the Dungeon. If you're lucky. Having all Champions is NOT the most beneficial thing when you roll a goblin, skeleton, and a chest (or whatever) since they aren't that great against single enemies. His ability is ok but it's not good enough to make up for his dearth in his specialty. He rarely gets used with us because he's just no fun. Whohoo! Level 2 again! Plus, it's incredibly hard to level him up as well so his additional ability on his specialty is not used that often. Basically, he's lame.

Final Thoughts:

This expansion is ok. There's a couple good heroes (Scout, Alchemist), a couple bad heroes (Leprechaun, Viking) and 4 mediocre heroes. If you like Dungeon Roll and want more hero options, get this. If you're not a big Dungeon Roll fan this is probably not for you. However, this is a great cheap item if you need some additional money for free shipping and, while it's just more heroes, there's nothing wrong with having more heroes. Basically, this is cheap and worth it if you like the game or need free shipping. If you don't like the game, don't waste a few more bucks on something you don't like! These heroes are fun to use (most of them) but there's nothing here that changes the game or you HAVE to have. It's the same game, just with double the hero options, which is always nice when you're playing. That's all there is here, though. If you don't like what you see, move along. Move along.
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Review by Erik on 2/3/2017