Dungeon Roll: Hero Booster Pack #2

Dungeon Roll: Hero Booster Pack #2

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The Hero Booster Pack #2 expands the Dungeon Roll universe, providing 8 new characters to use. These new characters have new and powerful abilities to explore which adds to the fun of the game!

8 Legendary Hero Cards

Ages: 8+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 15-30 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Dungeon Roll is required to play.




You Can Pass On This And Be A-Ok
Hero Booster Pack number 2 is the latest expansion for Dungeon roll. Costing $5 it comes with 8 new Legendary heroes to spice up your game of Dungeon Roll. Is it worth the $5?

These new heroes are supercharged and do NOT level up. Each hero is incredibly powerful and should NOT be played against the other heroes in the game simply because they will dominate them and that's that. Seriously. They are supercharged. Here's what they all do:

Szopin, Infamous Warrior has the specialty of letting him refresh whenever you defeat 2 or more monsters with 1 companion. His activate ability lets him discard 2 dungeon dice.

Cassandra, The Cursed's specialty is that she begins the delve exhausted. When exhausted, all companions defeat 1 additional monster. She refreshes when you quaff potions. Her ability is that she can discard 1 chest or potion, but there must be a chest or potion to discard.

Tristan, Lone Mercenary's specialty is that he gets to draw 1 treasure when he defeats 2 or more monsters with 1 companion. You can discard a treasure to refresh him. His ability is that you can reroll any number of dungeon dice (including dice in the dragons lair).

Amar-Suen, King of the Ancients' specialty is that thieves defeat 1 additional monster. His ability is that he discards all monsters of 1 type and you get 1 treasure for each monster discarded this way.

Leog Yllavyre, Dragon Lord's specialty is that he sets 2 dice to scrolls when forming the party. You can discard a scroll to transform a monster into a dragon. He refreshes when you face all 3 monster types. His ability is that you take control of all dice in the dragons lair. They count as companions and can defeat 1 monster, open 1 chest, etc. They are discarded after use/after this turn is over.

Marpesia, Amazon Queen's specialty is that she requires 4 dragon faces instead of 3 for the dragon to appear, but champions only kill 1 monster/open 1 chest. Her ability is that you get to reroll all dice in the graveyard, discarding any scrolls, and add them to your party.

Alexandra, Keeper of Knowledge's specialty is that you can use scrolls as champions. You can also discard any party die to reroll any number of party and dungeon dice. Her ability is that you can discard a scroll to defeat a dragon.

Tou'lak, Minotaur Chieftain's specialty is that you may re-roll 1 dungeon die that isn't a dragon each level. His ability is that he can discard all monster on the current level.

Final Thoughts:
I purchased this to get the free shipping. I'm glad I got the free shipping, but this expansion is not necessary. It takes the really only strategic part of the game, deciding if you want to push it or not to level up ASAP, and ruins it, giving you some really powerful characters at the cost of any real press your luck decisions. I feel like they made this expansion simply so people would have a better chance to get to the 10th level and beat the cards there and for no other reason. The fact that these heroes cannot level up is a massive bummer. It's not fun to have someone who has the same ability the whole game, and even these characters are not as well balanced as they could be. This whole expansion is a let-down. I would NOT recommend this expansion to anyone and say that you are much better off letting it sit on the shelf at the store instead, unless you really, really want some crazily powerful characters to push you all the way to level 10 with a lot less stress. If so, this is for you.
Game Play
Review by Erik on 2/3/2017