Legendary Villains: Marvel Deck Building Game

Legendary Villains: Marvel Deck Building Game

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The Legendary universe has been flipped upside down in this stand-alone core set. Play as your favorite Marvel villains as they take on the best heroes in the Marvel universe. Build your deck with Magneto and the rest of the Brotherhood or try your strategy with Sinister Six! Villains is fully compatible with all Legendary sets, making the team-up possibilities limitless.

210 Allies
  ‣ 14 Cards for Each of 15 Different Allies
56 Adversary Groups
  ‣ 8 Card for Each of 7 Different Groups
40 Backup Adversaries
  ‣ 10 Card for Each of 4 Different Backup Adversaries
40 HYDRA Operatives
20 HYDRA Soldiers
15 Madame HYDRA
15 New Recruits
42 Bystanders
  ‣ 30 Regular Bystanders
  ‣ 3 Engineers
  ‣ 3 Computer Hackers
  ‣ 3 Public Speakers
  ‣ 3 Rock Stars
30 Bindings
4 Commanders
16 Commander Tactics
8 Different Plots
12 Plot Twists
9 Command Strikes
60 Dividers
Game Mat
Legendary: Marvel Villains Deck Building Game is a standalone game that includes all the cards needed to play.

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 45 minutes