Ultimate Guard 9-Pocket FlexXfolio: Mini American - Mystic Space

Ultimate Guard 9-Pocket FlexXfolio: Mini American - Mystic Space

Product #UGD010480

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Manufacturer: Ultimate Guard

Side-loading pocket design for increased card protection
Holds 360 mini American-sized cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves
20 acid free 9-pocket pages. No PVC
Durable cover. Elastic closure band

Ideal for X-Wing Miniatures Game

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Good way to store your X-wing upgrade cards
Be careful about which sleeves you use on your cards with this binder. I've been using a mix of FFG, Mayday, and now Game Plus, and from those some were standard and some premium fit. Some sleeves slide in easily but others may need a little trim off the top to make it easier. But once that's taken care of, this is a great way to store my X-Wing upgrade cards. It definitely beats my previous sleeve pages that were too loose and had my cards falling out all the time. I just wish this binder had more pages in it, I just finished filling up all the slots and I still have more cards for about 2 or 3 more pages. I was thinking of getting rid of some of the cards that I don't use anymore, but I might as well get another one since I'll probably be needing more space with future expansions packs.
Game Play
Review by Jesse on 1/13/2017