The Dark Eye RPG: The Andergastan Graphic Novel (Hardcover)

The Dark Eye RPG: The Andergastan Graphic Novel (Hardcover) (On Sale)

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Gather 'round, friends, and listen to the song of the Andergastan:

Like a demon from the darkest hell,
Upon black steed with bloody horn,
With axe in hand and eyes full of fire
He cut a swath through Nostria's men...

The grudge between the Warring Kingdoms of Nostria and Andergast has burned for almost two thousand years. When several mutilated bodies turn up near quiet Notsrian villages, locals are reminded of the tale of the Black Andergastan, an almost mythical warrior who murdered freely in Nostria many years ago. Rumors begin to fly, and panic spreads.

During this uncertain time. a young Albernian knight named Leandro of Arvun accepts a diplomatic mission form his queen and sets out for the Nostrian capital. When he leans of the Black Andergatsan's supposed reappearance, he makes a fateful decision to join the investigation. The bloody trail reveals contradictory evidence,. Are these nefarious deeds the acts of a twisted human, as Leandro first suspects, or are they the work of an incarnate demon?

This exciting story takes place in Aventuria, the richly detailed setting for Germany's most successful fantasy roleplaying game, Das Schwarze Auge, know in English as The Dark Eye.