Dawn of the Zeds (3rd Edition)

Dawn of the Zeds (3rd Edition)

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Manufacturer: Victory Point Games

Things are far from good in Farmingdale. Some kind of virus or poison is turning ordinary people into vicious, zombie-like killers. You must lead the citizens and emerging heroes to halt the Zeds' advances by (re)killing them, attempt to coordinate the discovery of a cure, and preserve as much of the area and as many of its inhabitants as possible. There's no time to lose...

Dawn of the Zeds (3rd Edition) is a cooperative States of Siege™ board game where 1-5 players are heroes that must defend Farmingdale and its five outlying villages from the encroaching horrors. These heroes are supported by civilians (some armed, some heroic) and what little outside help is forthcoming. You must prevent the Zeds incursion from reaching the town center or causing so much chaos around Farmingdale that the government abandons it (and you)!

1 Double-sided Game Board
1 Game Mat
4 Player Aids
1 Zeds Player Aid
200 Cards
3 Countersheets
6 Six-sided Dice
Basic Game Rulebook
Level Up! Rulebook
A to Zeds Book
Famingdale Dossier Book
Setup & Epilogue Book

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 90-120 minutes



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