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Manufacturer: RGD Gaming

28mm Scale

They are the horsemen, the elusive wonders of the forest. They bring thunder to the ground, and beaten paths from their hooves. In return for wine, they muster the blades of their kin and revel in their drunken stupor.

This box set includes enough for 12 centaurs and an optional 6 fauns (3 male and 3 female). In addition, this set includes traditional male centaur heads, and alternative horned head options for male and female centaurs.

Weapon options include: single close combat weapons, dual wielding axes and hook swords, as well as two handed pole arms (options for various weapons heads), shields, javelins and spears.

Armor options include: shoulder pads, heavy plate armor, leather cuirass, bare skin, thracian, wicker, and bark style shields.

Plastic components.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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Great value and number of models
I just started assembling these Centaurs. This a great value since you get 18 models (12 Centaurs, 6 fauns). That is less than $2 a model. The only caveat is that there are just 2 Centaur body types and 2 human head types (8 faun head types). I plan on using some extra heads I have to give them variety. There are plenty of weapons and other things to give them a different look.
Game Play
Review by CaseyJ on 6/8/2020
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