Transylvania: Curses & Traitors (Clearance)

Transylvania: Curses & Traitors (Clearance)

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In the late 19th Century, the land of Transylvania fell under a terrible curse. Horrible creatures of all descriptions roamed freely over the land. The townspeople were scared to leave their homes. The countryside was overrun with monsters, and even the brave made sure they were off the roads after nightfall.

Many had gone out hunting the beasts but few returned and when they did it was as the very monsters they set out to destroy and the situation had become desperate. The governor issued a desperate plea for help. His summons called for courageous adventurers and he offered a reward substantial enough to draw the best and bravest from around the globe. Play the role of one of these fearless adventurers on a quest to break the curse over Transylvania. To do this you must explore these dark lands to find the clues you need. But beware, many before you have tried and died in the attempt, and the knowledge that you seek may also turn you into the bloodthirsty monster that you are trying to destroy.

Transylvania: Curses and Traitors is a fast-paced adventure & exploration board game for 3-6 players averaging 45-60 minutes. The game is a race to secure the fate of Transylvania. Will you find the knowledge to solve the Curse, or will your darker side lead you to a monstrous reign of terror? Many will die trying to find out - but dying is half the fun!

Designed for incredible replay with a modular board, variable player powers, and decks of Event and Quest cards, the game provides a unique and engaging journey into the wilds of Transylvania every time you play. A winner-take-all competition with your friends, Transylvania: Curses and Traitors provides multiple paths to victory.

Rule Book
16 Board Tiles
20 Adventurer Stand-ups
2 Mirror Tokens
12 Dice
3 Monster Info Cards
10 Adventurer Ability Cards
10 Adventurer Character Cards
9 Stands
3 Monster Character Cards
3 Monster Stand-ups
Deck of 69 Discovery Cards
20 Lock Tokens
Deck of 62 Event Cards
6 Adventurer Info Cards
57 Discovery Tokens
18 Trait Tokens
- 6 Spirit
- 6 Mind
- 6 Attack

5 Zombie Tokens
13 Blood Spatter Tokens
9 Character Card Clips

Ages: 12+
Players: 3-6
Game Length: 45 - 60 minutes




Worth it!
Easy to pick up and play! Great game with to play with the family!
Game Play
Review by A-Re on 4/7/2018
Great fun , Great price and got it in time for Halloween
MM hooked it up with the KS version for $25 on their deal of the day last week. Fun game. Wasn't a instant take off. There was a lot going on around us when we say down to play. We're going to give it another go. But the idea of transforming into a monster then chasing down your group to kill really up to play this. At $25 I couldn't pass it up. Great value!
Game Play
Review by Keltz on 11/2/2015
Let's go on a monster hunt!
Perfect game for getting into the Halloween spirit, or simply to go on a monster hunt. The game is easy to learn and my kids thoroughly enjoy playing this game.

What makes this game quite interesting is knowing that there is always the possibility of transitioning gameplay from being a traveling adventurer hunting monsters to possibly becoming a monster yourself. It's a great twist that is also fueled by very flavorful event cards that will strike terror in your hearts or make you laugh out loud.

Gameplay does take the 60-90 minutes. The components are great quality with the only exception being the character cards, which are super slick/smooth. Would have been better if they could have had a linen finish, but c'est la vie. The character pieces are cardboard/chits with standees - not as exciting as a minifigure, but there are pleanty of option for character and sex (male/female of each kind - including monsters (sans werewolf)).

Would I recommend this game? You betcha!
Game Play
Review by Dallan on 10/12/2015
Great game!
Easy to learn, funny and with good dinamic. At first, seems a great mix of other games, but this isn't a bad thing, since became a game sooo easy to learn.

In the first game, we played with 3 players, and it took about 70 minutes of game play. It seems with more people would be more funny, tho.

It's a good game to play without a hard thinking. You don't need big strategys or anything. Just have fun =]

Only thing to get better: A better material for the cards, another art for the back of "Events" deck and miniatures! I would looooove to have some miniatures of the characters.
Game Play
Review by Princesafada on 6/16/2015