Beyond the Gates of Antares: Freeborn - Vardanari Squad

Beyond the Gates of Antares: Freeborn - Vardanari Squad (Last Chance)

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Manufacturer: Warlord Games

28mm Scale

The Freeborn trade technology, goods and services throughout Antarean space - including the services of mercenary fighters. The best of these are native Freeborn troops and the very best of the best are the professional guards who serve the most powerful Freeborn families.

These are the Vardanari - the personal bodyguards and retainers of the noble families of the Vardo - as each Freeborn community is called. Vardanari units are lavishly equipped and uniformed at great expense, an expression of the grandeur and status of the family they serve. As well as being elite troops Vardanari are trusted attendants and advisors. Officers are often younger relatives of those they protect, and who will one day rise to positions of power and influence within the Vardo. Unfortunately, rivalry between the most powerful families means that armed guards are a necessity of life, even in public and amongst allies and friends.

Vardanari are armed with sleek plasma carbines, the most effective man-carried weapons of Antarean space, capable of delivering a precision blast or scattering a hail of plasma bolts into a dispersed target. Their uniforms reflect the partly ceremonial role they have within the society of the Freeborn. Their clothing and armour carries the colours and emblems of the families to which they belong. Their uniforms mount reflex armour generators which extend to the long impact cloaks worn by each Vardinari, a combination of protective fields that is especially effective at the close ranged combat at which the Vardinari excel.

Metal components.

1 Vardanari Leader with Plasma Carbine, X-sling, Reflex Armour and Impact Cloak
5 Vardanari Guard with Plasma Carbine, X-sling, Reflex Armour and Impact Cloak
1 Freeborn Spotter Drone
1 Orders Die

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.



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