Gates of Antares: Ghar Outcasts - Fartok, Rebel Ghar Outcast Commander

Beyond the Gates of Antares: Ghar Outcasts - Fartok, Rebel Ghar Outcast Commander

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Manufacturer: Warlord Games

28mm Scale

Once the Ghar Empire's most famous commander, Fartok 12-40-13 was disgraced and declared an outcast following his defeat in the battle for Ephra. Only Fatok knew it was not he responsible for the disaster that almost destroyed the Ghar army and drove it from the Algoryn stronghold. His Battlegroup had been betrayed from within, his forces led into a trap set for them by Fartok's rival and broodmate - the sinister high Commander Karg 12-40-9. Unwilling to accept his fate, Fartok rebelled, overcame his captors, and escaped to become the leader of a revolt that has since gathered multitudes of Ghar Outcasts to the cause. Fartok's forces are now almost as powerful as those of the Ghar Empire. Fartok's aim is not to overthrow the Empire, but to save the Ghar from the greater threat of the treacherous and ambitious Karg. He will achieve his goal by destroying his rival and thereby also avenging himself and his fallen comrades!

Fartok wears his re-engineered battle armor incorporating a modified plasma reactor and re-armed with a hybrid plasma light support gun, a weapon captured from the Algoryn and repurposed by Fatok's engineers. He also carries a mag multilash - a device adapted from the maglash used by Ghar slave drivers, a devastating hand-to-hand weapon well suited to Fartok's preference for leading from the front where the fighting is thickest.

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