Beyond the Gates of Antares: Isorian - Tsan Ra Phase Squad

Beyond the Gates of Antares: Isorian - Tsan Ra Phase Squad (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: Warlord Games

28mm Scale

After the Isor-Tsan Kiri War and the disappearance of the remnants of the enemy Tsan Kiri it was some time before the Isorians were to discover an abandoned hatchery of what wer to become known as the Tsan Ra.

Biologically a form of the silicate creature the Isorians called the Tsan Kiri. These newly discovered creatures were born into the shard of the Isorian Senatex. Because the Isorian IMTel had already absorbed data from Tsan Kiri bio-spores, the melded nanosphere was perfectly adapted to interface with the new hatchlings. The creatures e?ectively became part of the Isorian shard in the same way as the human populations of the Senatex. In a strange way the Tsan Kiri were reborn not as enemies but as part of the Isorian shard itself. To distinguish them from the Isorian's former enemies the new human-in?uenced race became known as the Tsan Ra.

The physical prowess of the Tsan makes them e?ective troopers in countless combat situations. Their psychological make-up is in many ways more compatible with the business of waging war than is that of Isor's human population.

Metal components.

1 Tsan Ra Leader with Plasma Duocarb and X-sling
2 Tsan Ra Troopers with Plasma Duocarb

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.