Bolt Action: Italian Army & Blackshirts

Bolt Action: Italian Army & Blackshirts (New Arrival)

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Manufacturer: Warlord Games

28mm Scale

Italy began its military expansion in the 1920s, and by the time they were invading France in 1940, Italian soldiers were already blooded. World War II would bring them to the freezing cold of the Eastern Front and the rough terrain of Greece. War did not end for the Italian soldier even after signing an armistice in 1943 - they would find themselves fighting on both sides of the conflict. While back in their homeland, they found a brutal civil war which only ended with the Axis defeat in 1945.

The Italian Army's equipment was generally reliable, if occasionally outdated. The officers were at times careless with their men's conditions, but when properly led, Italian soldiers fought well, and fought hard. From entrenched positions, they were difficult to oust and on the advance they showed their strength and courage.

While propaganda would paint the Italians as cowards, their allies and their foes respected them for their bravery, even in unwinnable situations.

These plastic figures can be built to represent the Italian regular army (the Regio Escercito) as well as specialists like the Carabinieri, Granatieri, or the fascist Camicie Nere (the Blackshirts) with their trademark black fezzes and shirts. Helmets and caps further allow for temperate or tropical troops to be built so you can field your army in the dusty deserts of North Africa, the island of the Mediterranean, and the harsh cold of Russia, or the Italian home front.

Plastic components.

30 Miniatures
Options for
  ‣ M33 Steel Helmets
  ‣ M1935 Pith Helmets
  ‣ Bustina Caps
  ‣ Blackshirt Fezzes
  ‣ M91/41 Rifle
  ‣ M91/38 Carcano Cavalry Carbine
  ‣ M38A Beretta SMG
  ‣ M38 Carcano Carbine
  ‣ M1934 9mm Beretta Pistol
  ‣ Breda M30 LMG
  ‣ Combat Knives
30 Round Plastic Bases (25mm)
Assembly Leaflet

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.


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