Bolt Action: Japanese Type 4 Ho-Ro Self-Propelled Gun

Bolt Action: Japanese Type 4 Ho-Ro Self-Propelled Gun

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Manufacturer: Warlord Games

Inspired by German self-propelled guns - in particular the Grille - the Type 4 Ho-Ro assault gun was based on a reinforced Type 97 Chi-Ha tank chassis.

The Type 4 Ho-Ro mounted the Type 38 150mm howitzer. Surrounding the front of the howitzer was 25mm of armour plating - the open rear leaving the crew susceptible to close combat and shrapnel.

The 150mm gun predominantly fired Type 88 APHE (armour-piercing high explosive) rounds although it could also fire HEAT (high explosive anti-tank) shells. Ammunition was stored in a container on the rear engine deck.

Rushed into service towards the end of World War II, the Ho-Ro was deployed in batteries of four vehicles. It saw action during the Philippines Campaign and during the American assault on Okinawa where it was heavily outnumbered by US artillery assets.

1 1/56 Scale WWII Japanese Assault Gun
1 Bolt Action Stat Card
1 Full-Color Waterslide Decal Sheet
1 Construction and Painting Guide
1 Set of Damage Markers

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