Blood Red Skies: Soviet - Ace Pilot Lev "Sokol" Shestakov

Blood Red Skies: Soviet - Ace Pilot Lev "Sokol" Shestakov

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1:200 Scale

Lev Lvovich Shestakov gained his wings in 1936 and first became an Ace while flying in the Spanish civil war. At the opening of the Great Patriotic War, Shestakov was soon leading the 69th Fighter Aviation Regiment near Odessa and under the call-sign Sokol (Falcon), inflicted such losses that the Romanian Air Force was compelled to withdraw from the Eastern front altogether.

Shestakov is credited with 26 solo victories and another 39 shared. He met his end in 1944 while in pursuit of German bombers, with unconfirmed claims that he ran afoul of the Stuka Ace, Rudel.

Resin components.

1 Plane
1 Advantage Flying Base
1 Double-sided Pilot Skill Discs Set
1 Aircraft Card
1 Aircraft Trait Cards
2 Ace Skill Cards
1 Lev "Sokol" Shestakov Ace Card
1 Decal Sheet

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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