Blood Red Skies: Soviet - Ace Pilot Alexandr Pokryshkin

Blood Red Skies: Soviet - Ace Pilot Alexandr Pokryshkin

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1:200 Scale

Three-times Hero of the Soviet Union Alexandr Pokryshkin became the great tactician of the Soviet Air Force during the Great Patriotic War. He battled virtually single-handed against inertia and bureaucratic intransigence to institute much-needed changes to Soviet air-fighting tactics. His crusade almost cost him his career and he only escaped court-martial due to the intervention of Moscow. Awarded and promoted instead, Pokryshkin went on to personally lead successful air campaigns in the Kuban and Ukraine that placed immense pressure on the overstretched Luftwaffe. Pokryshkin survived the war with 65 victories to his credit, the vast bulk scored during the disastrous early years of complete Luftwaffe dominance.

1 MiG-3 Plane
1 Advantage Flying Base
1 Double-sided Pilot Discs Set
1 Aircraft Card
2 Aircraft Trait Cards
2 Ace Skill Cards
1 Alexandr Pokryshkin Ace Card
1 Waterslide Decal Sheet

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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