New York 1776 (Remastered)

New York 1776 (Remastered)

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The New York 1776 campaign of the American Revolution pitted a newly formed American army, comprised of Continentals and militia, facing a large, highly disciplined British army that included a significant number of Hessian soldiers. This campaign involved the largest number of troops of the war. An inexperienced army faced a very experienced one. It unfolded with an intricate set of maneuvers around New York City and its waterways involving a large British fleet executing numerous amphibious landings in an effort to trap the Colonials.

It was truly the best opportunity the British had for capturing Washington and America's entire army. Historically, the Americans just barely escaped to live and fight another day. Can you, as the British player, defeat the American army and end their revolution in its infancy? Or as the American player can you, like Washington, defend your country while avoiding disaster? The decisions are yours...

Game Board
Label Sheet
Wooden Game Pieces
Battle Board
Rule Book

Ages: 13+
Players: 2
Game Length: 120 minutes

• Area Movement
• Dice Rolling
• Secret Unit Deployment