Epic Card Game: Pantheon - Furios vs Maligus

Epic Card Game: Pantheon - Furios vs Maligus

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Manufacturer: Wise Wizard Games

Play as Furios, Father Nature or Maligus, the Dark One! The forests of Danabrae show their daily reverence to Furios, but the Dark One, Maligus, threatens the balance. When Father Nature summons, the world answers. Will that be enough against the encroaching destruction that follows in the footsteps of the hidden evil?

15 Cards
  ‣ Furios, Father of Nature
  ‣ Maligus, the Dark One
  ‣ Fiery Demise
  ‣ Greater Lightning Wurm
  ‣ Kalani Woodreader
  ‣ Dark One's Fury
  ‣ Krieg, Dark One's Chosen
  ‣ Scara's Gift
  ‣ Erwin, Architect of War
  ‣ Ethereal Dragon
  ‣ Scrap Golem
  ‣ Angeline's Will
  ‣ Herald of Angeline
  ‣ Knight of the Dawn
  ‣ Wolf/Zombie Token

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 20 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Epic Card Game is required to play.