Malifaux 2E: Outcasts - The Guilty (3)

Malifaux 2E: Outcasts - The Guilty (3)

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32mm 'Heroic' Scale

Where Jack Daw goes, the dead follow. These damned souls stalk forward out of the night, gibbering and cackling in their insanity. Jack punishes the guilty by dragging them with him, creating his mad carnival. Jack takes no side of right or wrong when he arrives at a conflict. The mere evidence of betrayal damns everyone involved as far as he is concerned. They scream at his rage, eager to share their tormented guilt with others. They are drawn to such guilt, able to sense it. It drives them to a killing fury like blood in water. None survive when the Guilty approach.

Those attacked by such creatures rarely survive. Those who do live are never quite sure what happened - whether the dead men and women became distracted, or if they avoid killing those innocent of any wrong doing in Jack's eyes. These lucky few are viewed as good omens, for they saw Jack's carnival and lived. Many also fear them, for they are a constant reminder of Jack Daw's capricious nature.

Plastic components.

3 Guilty
3 Stat Cards

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.



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