Crimson Skies Squadron Pack #4 - The Red Skull Legion

Crimson Skies Squadron Pack #4 - The Red Skull Legion (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA

Throughout North America, fliers tremble when the Red Skulls are mentioned. This brutal, unpredictable gang thrives on striking only the most vulnerable and profitable targets. Their prey ranges from luxury passenger airships to airborne convoys of bouillon and currency. Organized by the ruthless 'Genghis' Kahn, their expertise in mayhem and mania made them the first truly organized and truly successful band of sky pirates. Fly with the Red Skulls and swoop down on swashbuckling adventure!

Crimson Skies is an action-packed collectable miniatures game of dogfighting and barroom-brawling in an aviation-dominated world. Every plastic figure comes prepainted and fully assembled. The Crimson Skies collectable miniatures game has no cumbersome rulebooks or complex record keeping all the game information needed to play each figure is on that figure's unique patent-pending combat dial. Rules sold separately.

4 prepainted, fully assembled planes on combat-dial bases


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Though the game is dead, the Miniatures live on.
Crimson Skies as a Clix-style game may be gone, but the usefulness of these planes continues. With comparable detail to the metal aircraft sold for CS, these are almost 1/10 of the price. Easily converted and repainted, these make excellent 1/200 Wierd World War 2 aircraft. Luft '46 or any number of gaming systems make these an excellent value. I have literally purchased hundreds of them, and couldn't be happier.
Game Play
Review by Jon on 9/28/2015
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