Star Trek Attack Wing: Miniatures Game Starter Set

Star Trek Attack Wing: Miniatures Game Starter Set

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"Battle stations! All senior crew report to the bridge!"

Star Trek: Attack Wing is a fast-paced game of tactical space combat set in the Star Trek universe. Players control Federation, Klingon or Romulan starships - outfit them with Captains, Crew, Weapons & Tech Upgrades - and command their fleet to complete missions or exert control over a sector of space.

This box contains everything players need to get started playing Star Trek: Attack Wing, including painted plastic ships, custom dice, cards, tokens, and quick-start rules. Advanced rules are also included to let players take their game to the next level.

1 Full Rulebook
1 Quick-start Rules Booklet
3 Painted Plastic Ships (U.S.S. Enterprise-D, I.R.W. Khazara, I.K.S. Maht-H'a)
3 Transparent Plastic Bases with 6 Pegs
3 Double-sided Ship Tokens
14 Captain ID Tokens
13 Maneuver Templates
3 Maneuver Dials (each consisting of a Faceplate, a Dial, and a pair of plastic connectors)
15 Action Tokens
12 Double-sided Shield Tokens
3 Critical Hit Tokens
3 Auxiliary Power Tokens
12 Disabled Upgrade Tokens
1 Minefield Token
1 Planet Token
12 Mission Tokens
6 Objective Tokens
6 Ship Cards
3 Maneuver Cards
7 Captain Cards
17 Upgrade Cards
33 Damage Cards
5 Red Attack Dice
5 Green Defense Dice
1 Range Ruler

Ages: 14+
Players: 2+
Game Length: 60 minutes


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Genius movement mechanism
This game has a brilliant movement mechanism that is so addicting and thought provoking it makes this game a real winner.

The game is very simple to teach but has alot of complex strategies for experienced players. Star trek fans will instantly be addicted. I am not a star trek fan but still I love this game as it is the only game I have found (not counting the identical xwing game) that really makes you feel like you are the captain of a space ship in the heat of battle.

My only complaint is that the models in this game are not quite as detailed as the ones in the Xwing game. That is a minor complaint however on an overall fantastic gaming experience.
Game Play
Review by Christopher on 10/28/2015
Easier than the old FASA game
Call me an old gamer. I used to play the FASA Starship Combat simulator. Long set up and longer game play. This game, set up in ten minutes if you know what you are doing and play time can run anywhere from 15 minute on up depending on how many ships are on the table.

Only general complaint? Not enough players in my area.
Game Play
Review by Darkwolfe on 10/1/2015
My favorite Star Trek themed game
At a glance the game will be familiar to anyone who has played X-Wing and it will not be difficult to jump in and play. The strength of Star Trek Attack Wing is how well it uses the license - virtually every character from the shows is represented, including a lot of guest stars. If you're a trekkie surely you'll recognize people like those conniving Romulans Mendak and Tomalak. There are plenty of familiar faces to populate the many familiar ships you know and love.
The starter set keeps things simple with 3 ships to represent 3 factions with characters primarily from the TNG episode "The Chase". There are a wealth of expansions regularly released to supplement the game and each of them comes with a scenario to recreate your favorite moments from the shows and movies. Whatever flavor of Star Trek is your preference you will find it here and enjoy fun miniature gaming applied to one of your favorite licenses.
Game Play
Review by Derek on 9/18/2015
Great game for fans of Star Trek
I should preface this review by saying that I have never played the X-Wing miniatures game; therefore, I cannot comment on similarities and differences between that game and Attack Wing. Regardless, after playing Attack Wing for a couple of weeks, I'm happy to say that I was not disappointed.

The first thing I enjoyed about the game was the movement system. Players secretly select their ships' move on a dial and then move them using the corresponding template. I was surprised how much strategy comes out of this phase of the game, since deciding where to go can have drastic consequences in future rounds. In addition, this system creates excellent "mind games" with your opponent, since you are constantly trying to outmaneuver him or her.

Ships can also take actions, which gives the player even more tactical choices to make. Do you want to take evasive maneuvers to help avoid enemy fire or target lock an enemy ship in order to fire torpedoes? Maybe, if playing as the Klingons or Romulans, would it be better to cloak the ship? Most actions have corresponding tokens to be placed next to ships, which is great as it alleviates most bookkeeping by the players.

Shooting is simple enough and is done using ship firing arcs, the range ruler, and rolling attack and defense dice. It feels as if all the maneuvering, taking actions, and strategizing leads up to this part of the game, which only makes it more satisfying when an opponent's ship is hit (or demoralizing when your own is damaged).

The game allows for a lot of variety by using cards that depict captains, crew, weapons, and tech that can be used on the ships to give them an edge. Just from the box, there are a fair amount of upgrades that can be used, but it is clear that fans of the game will want to purchase additional expansions to increase the size of their fleets.

The miniatures themselves are not the best painted (the Vor'cha Class in particular seems to be a much lighter green color than I remember from the show), but they are better than what I could do so it doesn't bother me that much.

The rule book itself does an excellent job of explaining the rules and includes many visuals and examples to help the player along. Overall, Attack Wing is simple, fast, fun, and definitely worth the purchase for fans of Star Trek space combat.
Game Play
Review by Major on 9/17/2015
Great Price for a start!
So let me begin by saying that this game though packaged and using the same system as FFG's X-wing is very unique in it's own way and should be considered different in play style than X-wing.

Where X-wing you're pitting fast, maneuverable fighter craft against one another in displays of quick turns and flips and evading, Attack-wing offers a much more star ship feel. Where it is not Uncommon In X-wing to find a craft with 2-3 Evasion, in Star Trek it is much more rare. This however is balanced by hull points and shields, everything essentially has shields and your expensive ships have 4-5 Hull points, much like the three craft that are given in this starter kit.

When building your list you will pick a ship and often it will either be a basic ship or the named one that comes with slight improvements and a bonus. You move forward from that point outfitting your ship with named crew, upgrades and weapons to make it feel truly unique. With the amount of crew and upgrades with all the boosters that are coming out (and what is given in this box) your options seem limitless, you can easily lose yourself on what crew, which captain and what weapons to bring on your starship.

Now to the actual box.

The value in this box at Mini Markets price is insanely good. Already you are getting three ships, upgrades, tokens, dice, rulers, terrain ect for below the price of just paying for three booster ships. Granted they are generic and not the best, but it's an amazing way to get started. I myself have bought three of these so far just because you can never have enough dice, tokens or ships for that matter.

I will say that there are very minor balance issues between the ships that are given and you'll see which ship amongst the three is best, but not over-poweringly so. The ships that are given are a great way to get started and to pick a faction that you'd like to play, because each faction plays very differently from one another, keep that in mind.

I could ramble about this game forever, but I will leave this review with an A+. Amazing game, amazing deal (models could be painted a bit better), but nothing that is going to stop me from enjoying starship battles in the 24th century!
Game Play
Review by Blair on 9/9/2014