Star Trek: Attack Wing - Bajoran Interceptor 5 Expansion Pack

Star Trek Attack Wing: Bajoran - Interceptor 5 Expansion Pack

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Expand and Upgrade Your Star Trek Attack Wing Game!

The Interceptor 5 is a Bajoran attack fighter. The Bajoran Interceptors are agile ships used by the Bajoran Militia in the defense of the planet Bajor.

When the Romulans deployed weapons on Derna, Bajor's fourth moon, a dozen interceptors were part of a blockade to prevent a squadron of Romulan Warbirds from reaching the weapons and arming them.

The Maquis employed a number of these vessels against the Cardassian Union and nearly destroyed a Cardassian Galor-class ship in defense of one of their colonies.

1 Interceptor 5 / Bajoran Interceptor Pre-Painted Miniature
1 Plastic Base
2 Plastic Pegs
1 Ship Token
1 Maneuver Dial
5 Action Tokens
- 1 Scan Token
- 1 Battle Stations Token
- 1 Evade Token
- 1 Red Target Lock Token
- 1 Blue Target Lock Token

1 Critical Hit Token
1 Auxiliary Power Token
1 Disabled Upgrade Token
6 Captain ID Tokens
2 Effect Tokens
1 Full About Maneuver Template
10 Countdown Tokens
2 Ship Cards
- Interceptor 5
- Bajoran Starship

1 Maneuver Card
- Bajoran Interceptor

3 Captain Cards
- Hazar
- Lenaris Holem
- Bajoran

6 Upgrade Cards
- Anara
- Manueverability
- Militia
- Neela
- Phaser Strike
- Warp Drive Refit

2 Mission Cards
- Blockade: Mission Overview
- Blockade: Special Rules

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Star Trek Attack Wing: Miniatures Game Starter Set is required to play.