D&D: Attack Wing - Wave Three: Harpy Expansion Pack

D&D Attack Wing: Harpy Expansion Pack

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Wave 3 Expansion Pack

Expand and Upgrade Your Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing Game!

Sycorax is revered as a queen among her wretched kind. Equipped with a deadly bow, a monstrous aim, and an insidiously captivating song, she is a foe whose reputation for cruelty is known throughout the Moonshae Isles.

Although Sycorax once ruled the windswept Tempest Island where the Chainspire is anchored, she was banished many years ago and is unable to return due to the damaging winds that keep all intruders away. However, the harpy queen has now allied herself with the dragon cultists, and she assures them that if they can deliver her three elven prisoners, she will be able to perform a sacrificial ritual that will open a portal to the eye of the storm, and the way to the Palace of Luminos the Mighty will be open once more!

1 Adventure Booklet
  ‣ Reclamation
1 Painted Plastic Figure
  ‣ Sycorax / Harpy
1 Transparent Plastic Base with 3 Pegs
1 Creature Token
2 Maneuver Dials
2 Action Tokens
  ‣ 1 Dodge Token
  ‣ 1 Target Token
2 Altitude Tokens
  ‣ 1 Swoop Token
  ‣ 1 Ground Token
2 Effect Tokens
2 Duration Tokens
3 Disabled Upgrade Tokens
1 Exhaustion Token
1 Critical Hit Token
1 No Attack Token
1 Pivot Token
1 Cage Token
3 Elf Tokens
2 Creature Cards
  ‣ Sycorax
  ‣ Harpy Archer
1 Maneuver Card
  ‣ Ground / Flight
5 Upgrade Cards
  ‣ Captivating Song
  ‣ Cruelty
  ‣ Monstrous Aim
  ‣ Sadistic Coward
  ‣ Wicked Tongue
1 Campaign Artifact Upgrade Card
  ‣ Boots of Balance

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing: Starter Set is required to play.