D&D: Attack Wing - Wave Three: Wyvern Expansion Pack

D&D Attack Wing: Wyvern Expansion Pack

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Wave 3 Expansion Pack

Expand and Upgrade Your Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing Game!

The local villagers have learned to steer clear of the cavernous lair of Blackthorn, the most vicious wyvern in northern Faerun. Ferocious, alert, and with a tail stinger full of venom, Blackthorn is more than a match for any who dare to wander near his caves.

When the green dragon Claugiyliamatar sends her hobgoblin follower to recover an ancient tome, the witless minion is overtaken by Blackthorn, who seizes the elder and drags him screaming into the wyvern's lair. Now those who serve the evil dragons, as well as their foes, are eager to recover the hobgoblin's corpse in the hope that he held onto the precious tome which contains information vital to their cause.

1 Adventure Booklet
  ‣ A Grave Mistake
1 Painted Plastic Figure
  ‣ Blackthorn / Wyvern
1 Transparent Plastic Base with 3 Pegs
1 Creature Token
2 Maneuver Dials
3 Action Tokens
  ‣ 1 Dodge Token
  ‣ 1 Target Token
  ‣ 1 Charge Token
2 Altitude Tokens
  ‣ 1 Swoop Token
  ‣ 1 Ground Token
2 Effect Tokens
5 Duration Tokens
2 Disabled Upgrade Tokens
1 Armor Token
1 Exhaustion Token
1 Critical Hit Token
1 No Attack Token
1 Pivot Token
10 Column Tokens
1 Body Token
2 Creature Cards
  ‣ Blackthorn
  ‣ Cave Wyvern
1 Maneuver Card
  ‣ Ground / Flight
5 Upgrade Cards
  ‣ Alertness
  ‣ Deadly Venom
  ‣ Ferocious
  ‣ Improved Grab
  ‣ Stinger
1 Campaign Artifact Upgrade Card
  ‣ Sulfuric Dagger

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing: Starter Set is required to play.