Star Trek: Attack Wing - Klingon: I.K.S. Ning'Tao Expansion Pack

Star Trek Attack Wing: Klingon - I.K.S. Ning'Tao Expansion Pack

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Wave 15 Expansion Pack

The I.K.S. Ning'Tao is a B'rel-class Kllingon Bird-of-Prey. After a successful raid on the Cardassian Outpost on Planet Trelka V. in order to regain his lost honor. Dahar Master Kor took over command of the Ning'Tao and with a small crew engaged a fleet of ten Jem'Hadar attack ships in order to gain the time necessary for the rest of the Klingon raiding force to reach the nearby Federation reinforcements.

1 I.K.S. Ning'Tao / B'rel -class Ship Pre-painted Miniature
1 Plastic Base
2 Plastic Pegs
1 Ship Token
1 Maneuver Dial
4 Action Tokens
- 1 Evade Token
- 1 Cloak Token
- 1 Red Target Lock Token
- 1 Blue Target Lock Token

3 Shield Tokens
1 Critical Hit Token
1 Auxiliary Power Token
1 Disabled Upgrade Token
10 Captain ID Tokens
1 Admiral Token
1 Fleet Action Token
1 Effect Token
2 Ship Cards
- I.K.S. Ning'Tao
- Klingon Starship

1 Maneuver Card
- B'rel Class

4 Captain Cards
- 2 Kor
- 1 Worf
- 1 Klingon

1 Admiral Card
- Martok

5 Upgrade Cards
- Darok
- Inverse Graviton Burst
- Long Live the Empire!
- Photon Torpedoes
- Strafing Attack

2 Mission Cards
- Long Live the Empire!: Mission Overview
- Long Live the Empire!: Special Rules

1 Additional Rules Card
- Fleet Action Token / Admiral ID Token / Admiral Cards

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Star Trek Attack Wing: Miniatures Game Starter Set is required to play.