Star Trek Attack Wing: Xindi - Calindra Expansion Pack

Star Trek Attack Wing: Xindi - Calindra Expansion Pack

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Wave 28 Expansion Pack

The Calindra is a Xindi-Aquatic cruiser. This class of Xindi starship is one of the largest and though they are well armed, they are also slower than the other Xindi ships. The Xindi-Aquatics are water-breathing creatures, but all of their ships are equipped with a room that can support oxygen-breathing creatures.

1 Calinda / Xindi Aquatic Pre-Painted Miniature
1 Plastic Base
2 Plastic Pegs
1 Ship Token
2 Action Tokens
- 1 Evade Token
- 1 Battle Stations Token

3 Time Tokens
6 Captain ID Tokens
1 Fleet Action Token
1 Admiral Token
2 Ship Cards
- Calindra
- Xindi Starship

1 Maneuver Card
- Xindi Aquatic Cruiser
2 Captain Cards
- Aquatic Councilor
- Xindi

1 Admiral Card
- Kiaphet Amman sor
6 Upgrade Cards
- Biometric Hologram
- Raijin
- Retaliation
- Subspace Vortex
- Trellium-D
- Xindi Torpedoes

2 Additional Rules Cards
2 Mission Cards
- Countdown

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Star Trek Attack Wing: Miniatures Game Starter Set is required to play.



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