Star Trek Attack Wing: Xindi - Orassin Expansion Pack

Star Trek Attack Wing: Xindi - Orassin Expansion Pack

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Wave 27 Expansion Pack

The Orassin is a Xindi-Insectoid starship. This Xindi warship is well armed with torpedoes and pulse-firing cannons. The Xindi-Insectoids are a highly aggressive race and have made an alliance with the equally hostile Xindi-Reptilians.

1 I.K.S. Orassin/Xindi Insectoid Starship Pre-painted Miniature
1 Plastic Base
2 Plastic Pegs
1 Ship Token
1 Maneuver Dial
2 Action Tokens
- 1 Evade Token
- 1 Battle Stations Token

2 Shield Tokens
3 Time Tokens
4 Captain ID Tokens
1 Effect Token
2 Ship Cards
- Orassin
- Xindi Starship

1 Maneuver Card
- Xindi Insectoid Starship

2 Captain Cards
- Insectoid Councilor
- Xindi

6 Upgrade Cards
- Hatchery
- Insectoid Raiding Party
- Pulse-firing Particle Cannon
- Thalen
- Xindi Council
Xindi Torpedoes

2 Mission Cards
- Detection Grid: Mission Overview / Set Up
- Detection Grid: Special Rules

2 Additional Rules Cards

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Star Trek Attack Wing: Miniatures Game Starter Set is required to play.