SEAL Team Flix

SEAL Team Flix

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Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA

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Join SEAL TEAM FLIX on their mission to discover and prevent the plot of the eco-terror organization Gaia's Hope! In this fully cooperative dexterity game, flick your way to victory through a non-linear, narrative campaign that changes with the outcome of each mission.

6 Map Boards with 3D Walls
1 Timer Track
2 Double-sided Side Boards
6 Player Boards
1 Rulebook
1 Campaign Book
36 Standees
100+ Tokens
89 Cards
9 Dice
16 Wooden Discs
19 Wooden Blocks
1 Sand Timer

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60 minutes




A serious (and seriously tactical) brother to Flick Em Up: Dead of Winter
Wonderful squad-based tactics game with a fast and solid AI system and a fun dexterity addition. The rules and gameplay fire on all cylinders in this one.

Games with this level of care in each mechanical system come about rarely. The rules are precise and will take some time to learn. However, they work exceedingly well on the table. Managing enemy behavior is quick and results in challenging and appropriate tactical challenges. I was able to get a good sense of the rules after about 3 missions and have only referred to the rulebook for edge cases since.

The game rewards dexterity and allows for crazy bank shots. It fits strangely with the theme but makes the gameplay a ton of fun. The side board minigames are fun and not overbearing.

A fully fledged campaign mode with branching paths makes single player (or a group campaign) compelling.

Setup takes only a few minutes. A full mission can be played in less than an hour.

There is a great balance between randomness and predictability in this game that really improves replayability. Even the same mission can feel very different based on enemy and objective placements. This can also drastically spike or reduce the difficulty of any given mission. But there are usually enough resources available to manage. Players interested in score chasing or competitive play might randomize a board design to be shared.

A star is reduced from Quality for the material components. Now, the boards are nothing short of genius, all the pieces are great cardboard, and it is a seriously great value for the list price (doubly so for the MM price). But I do have issues with some of the walls coming apart (especially on Airport, which has many short walls) and issues with the doors fitting properly. Sentry locations were not printed on the boards, which makes setup a bit more difficult. Building the boards will take about two hours, but is a decent "Sitting in front of the TV" activity. Players ready to dive in should build just the boards for the first few missions. Other players may enjoy the little craft puzzle of putting these things together. Extra points are given for the fantastic insert and wood pieces, which brings the material quality to 4.5 stars.
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Review by Master_Yogurt on 11/3/2018
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