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Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA

Ettin @ 48:49

Two Nations, One Destiny
From the mists of war, a pair of great nations rise together like a two-headed giant. They march across the land crushing their foes. As one, they combine their strengths, thwart their enemies, and achieve a triumphant dynasty.

Ettin is a 2-8 player card drafting game where teams of two compete against each other in fierce skirmishes and fast global conflicts.

You and one ally each lead a fantasy nation through fast-paced wars. Your alliance shares strategies, defenses, and resources as you face off against neighboring enemies. You can even expand to 16+ players with multiple copies!

Eight Unique Nations! Each playable nation has a different focus and playstyle, designed to be a formidable opponent or a reliable friend.

Simultaneous Play! Pairs of enemies and allies play at the same time, making even the most climatic global conflicts between 8 players shockingly quick.

Rogue Nation! If you're the odd player, join the Mercs to double your impact! With an army of sellswords and scoundrels, you're never outnumbered!

1 Game Board
120 Nation Cards
101 Mercenary Cards
36 Adventure Cards
4 Adventure Dice
8 Nation Mats
1 Mercenary "Rogue Nation" Mat
160+ Tokens

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-8
Game Length: 45 minutes


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