Terra Mystica

Terra Mystica

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Manufacturer: Z-Man Games

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Terra Mystica is a strategy game with a simple game principle and very little luck involved: You govern one of 14 factions trying to transform the landscape on the game board in your favor in order to build your structures. On the one hand, proximity to other players limits your options for further expansion, on the other hand though, it provides some benefits during the game. This conflict is the source of Terra Mystica's appeal.

Structures may be upgraded to provide even more resources, like workers, priests, money, and power. Build temples to gain more influence in the four cults of fire, water, earth and air. Build your stronghold to activate your faction's special ability. Expand and build new dwellings to have many workers at hand. Or make sure to have a constant flow of money by building trading houses.

The 14 artfully designed factions, each having unique special abilities, as well as the exchangeable bonus cards allow for a large number of possible game plays that constantly keep this game entertaining!

1 Game Board
1 Cult Board
7 Double-sided Faction Boards
56 Terrain Tiles
65 Wooden Workers
85 Coins
65 Power Tokens
1 Starting Player Token
17 Action Tokens
1 Game End Token
5 Points Tokens
28 Favor Tiles
133 Wooden Structures
49 Wooden Priests
49 Wooden markers
21 Bridges
10 Town Tiles
8 Scoring Tiles
9 Bonus Cards
5 Overview Tiles
1 Rulebook

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 30 minutes per player




Never goes on sale, worth every penny.
Pros - Infinitely replayable. Sets the standard for widely asymmetrical factions while remaining incredibly balanced. Every decision is important but options are restricted by resource availability to limit over analysis. Currently plays in 1 hour or less for 2-3 experienced players in my group.

Cons - The theme is practically nonexistent. Steep learning curve where it is nearly impossible for a new player to beat an experienced one. Adds a tactical element at 2-3 players that I enjoy but some others do not.

Conclusion - This is the game that started my board game obsession. I've played it 100+ times and it would still be my "one game on a desert island."
Game Play
Review by Jeremy on 10/22/2015
Phenomenal game with tons of replay value.
Lots going on in this game. The first play I enjoyed it, but the game does start a little slow. I was concerned in my first play of the game that it wasn't going to live up to the hype it has been receiving. There is a lot going on so it was difficult to tell what a good strategy would be. By the the third play I really started to grasp how to score points and ended up doubling my score from the first two games I played. I have since come to love this game and it is easily in my top 5 board games.
Game Play
Review by Mark on 10/1/2015
Best Game!
Easily one of my Top 10 favorite games of all time and I think it will be there for a long time. There is so much complexity and strategy related to player interaction it always makes for fun table talk.

The amount of playable races in this game is astounding and although some are similar and more balanced to each other, some are a little out there and more difficult to play. Some gamers may see this as a fault but I think it's another layer to the game that adds greater challenges the better someone gets at the game.

I easily get this on my table 2-4 times a month with my group and it's always a good time.
Game Play
Review by Joel on 9/19/2015
The Perfect Game
This is a game for hardcore gamers to drool over. The game mechanics are rich and flow seamlessly into one another, leaving you with many interesting decisions and many paths to victory. The components are top notch and give you an excellent feeling of "building up" as you put them into play. The variable setup and 14 factions means every game feels vastly different. Learning the nuances of each faction and how to utilize them best is what will keep you coming back to this game again and again.
Game Play
Review by Alex on 9/9/2015
No mystery about this Mystica
There's no mystery about the goodness of this game! Simply put, of the 500 or so games I own, TM is simply the best game I've played (or at least at the very top) along with Power Grid, Euphrat & Tigris, and Advanced Civilization. Yes, it's a bit daunting to explain, but it plains so intuitively that one game and you're able to teach it to others. It's a civilization style game - great fun to watch your kingdom grow. So much variety that every game will be different. Outstanding. Get it!
Review by Thambos on 3/22/2013
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