Zpocalypse 1.0 Updated Rulebook (Survivor Manual)

Zpocalypse 1.0 Updated Rulebook (Survivor Manual) (Clearance)

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Welcome to the Apocalypse

No one knows where it came from. Some said a bio-weapon, others said bad crops. People were dying and not staying dead. After only a few days, the rumors became a pandemic, with the healthy boarded up in their homes, listening to CB radios and spotty television announcements for signs that the nightmare may end. No one anywhere, in any population, was safe.

Then a rumor began from the underground broadcasters who were hijacking the signals still left on the bandwidths. They said the governments were in ruin. All control had been lost. As a last ditch effort, every major city was going to be nuked to minimize the ongoing spread of this affliction.

Your momma didn't raise no fool. It was time to go. There was a place you heard of while talking about urban myths over cards one night, or maybe you had visited on vacation. A bunker from the Second World War that was left as a relic of days past. Grabbing the new world essentials, you crashed through throngs of the dying and already dead to reach the bunker. Others, like-minded, were already there.

As you closed and barred the door, a sound louder than anything you had ever heard rang in your ears. At the same time the floor buckled under you and you fell to your knees. The ceiling cracked and dust rained down, then settled. All was quiet. All was still. Some time later, you and your fellow survivors are out of food, supplies, and patience. You open the bunker door to see what remains of the world

1 Updated Rulebook (Survivor Manual)