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Arcadia Quest

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No Game Master Required, Everyone Gets To Play!

Arcadia has been taken over by the monstrous minions of the evil vampire Lord Fang, plunging the world into eternal night! You and up to 3 other players must gather your guilds, load them with gear and free the city of Arcadia while saving the day (literally)!

In Arcadia Quest, players build their guilds with 3 Heroes from a roster of 12, each of whom have their own unique abilities. As they progress through the branching campaign and free the districts of Arcadia from the occupying monsters, the Heroes earn new weapons, abilities, and magical items! Players use this loot in combination with their special abilities to become the most powerful guild in Arcadia.

Let nothing stop you! Arcadia Quest's unique PvPvE gameplay allows you to target monsters and fellow players alike. At times you'll team up to defeat the most fearsome of monstrous foes, only to turn on your previous allies later in the quest for the best loot!

Recruit unique Heroes, earn powerful loot, and build unstoppable combinations that decimate monsters. Dominate the other guilds with no game master required!

1 Rulebook
1 Campaign Book
1 Campaign Sheet Pad
37 Highly-detailed Plastic Miniatures (Unpainted)
15 Miniature Bases
14 Custom Dice
260 Cards
300+ Tokens
9 Double-sided Game Tiles
4 Guild Dashboards

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60 minutes




#1 game at our house
After two years the entire family still LOVES this game. Great family fun that can be played over and over again.
Game Play
Review by Steve on 2/9/2017
A realist review
I for one love this game. But it was not worth the amount paid. Once you get through the campaign and see all the maps there is very little incentive to play again other than to buy an expansion and other than the models everything is just cardboard tokens and basic cardstock of varying sizes. The setup is tedious and game play can be unforgiving at times and downright unfun once you've fallen behind. And despite what others may tell you this is not a game for everyone. The hardest part of play through this game was finding a full group of friends who wanted to continue. This is a game for avid and hardcore boardgamers.
That said, It is a great game if you have a dedicated group who enjoys a very detailed and involved game it is sure to bring in many nights of competitive enjoyment.
Game Play
Review by Nathaniel on 3/28/2016
One of my favorites
With its greatly detailed minis, small RPG type feel and a little bit of backstabbing, this game has quickly become one of my favorites.

The rules aren't too difficult to grasp, and after one quest, most if not all of the players should have a good grasp of them. I've played with both gamers and non-gamers and everyone seems to be a fan of this game. It's just simply fun!

I would suggest getting some extra dice with this game to make it easier to keep track of re-rolls and crits (extra rolls). Especially once you get into later quests some of your characters could be rolling 8+ dice to begin with and having those extra dice will help keep things easy.

Watch It Played does a great tutorial and play through. You can check it out here: (I watched this before purchasing the game)
Game Play
Review by Trevor on 1/12/2016
Well done game - could use an 'update'
The game overall, is quite a bit of fun to play. Basically, you control 3 cartoonish Heroes, and that is your 'Guild'. You never die permanently, and only will receive 1 "death effect" even if you die several times.

The game does a good job balancing out gold distribution based upon several factors - so that no one is truly left behind for very long. Read the rules thoroughly, at least once, and check out the FAQ. (Google Arcadia Quest FAQ)

One house rule I would highly suggest - don't allow people to have duplicate magical items.

The game was not fine tuned in such a way it is going to be very balanced every time you play. All the heroes have unique abilities, some are great, some are ok, and some are just plain crappy... until you learn good combos for them - they become (potentially) game breaking. A fun one I found was using Bob (he's the bridgekeeper from Monty Python)... if he rolls a crit, he can teleport an ally. Then with Battle Cry, that ally can then act. Being able to act twice is HUGE in this game. So battle cry, Hobspawn are all very strong heroes.

The only reason I say it could use an update - is that some rules are really kind of clunky, and so is the reroll mechanic. Sometimes you get someone who has ~8 attack or defense dice. Then they have ~8 rerolls (one of the heroes abilities lets him use all rerolls in your guild, not just his). So their turns can take obnoxiously long, and the book keeping (trying to remember) the rerolls you have, rerolling crits, etc. Can be painstakenly annoying... especially when 3 people say you already used 2 rerolls, and you deny it because you think you didn't.. etc. To help with this - never 'reroll' a crit. Just leave it there, and roll another die for the critical benefit.
Game Play
Review by Mark on 11/1/2015
Amazing game for many types of gamers!
This game has amazing components, simple gameplay with lots of stategic and tactical depth. My family and gamer friends have loved it.
Game Play
Review by Spencer on 9/9/2015
Another fun chibi game
Fun game for up to four players. Seems daunting with only two players, but is actually easier because you have more access to resources. My wife and I have played through the main campaign a few times and we have enjoyed it. It is simple to play, the rules are relatively easy to underdtand, and there is an underlying challenge to it.

In this game, the players need to complete quests. Each of the levels has PvP quests, meaning that if one person goes rogue and starts murdering the other players, they could potentially win. I've never been to fond of PvP, but it strikes me as an annoying mechanic when a player who is losing kills weaker PCs just to end the game, which doesn't allow anyone to get titles and rewards. I have only played one game like that and it tends to kill the fun and create a rift at the table. (It is an understanding at my gaming table that PvP is a last resort move, so this doesn't happen often.)

The miniatures are very cute and are all seemingly inspired by different franchises. There was quite a bit of flash on my miniatures, but nothing a quick once-over with a hobby knife couldn't fix. The PCs all get colored base caps, which are very tight. Some of the miniatures have such tiny feet that I'm always worried I am going to break them off. If you are careful it's no big deal, but there are tutorials online if you want to get around it.

Lastly, the quality of the rulebooks are excellent. Thick pages, nice pictures, and clear rules... Something that you sadly can't expect nowadays. I only found a few typos, but nothing too bad. There is even a decent amount of story fluff for each character and the levels.

All in all, this was a very good investment. I enjoy playing it with family and friends, except for the aformentioned PvP moments. If you already have some of CMoN's chibi dungeon games, I recommend looking at videos online to see if this is for you. Otherwise it is a simple game that is easy enough for everyone to enjoy.
Game Play
Review by Sakurafire on 4/6/2015
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