Customer Service FAQ


Unlike many of our competitors, we have no problem shipping to an APO/FPO. Orders over $99 qualify for our free shipping discount.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations will be logged in your customer account. For accounts with excessive amounts of order cancellations, we will be limiting certain features to these accounts on our website. The limitations will include, but are not limited to:

  • Will not be able to place orders using the Customer Hold option.
  • Will not be able to place orders with the Check or Money Order payment option
  • Will not be able to place orders for In-store Pick-Up
  • Will not be able to place orders with Preorder items

Customers will be sent two notification emails warning of excessive use before action is taken against their account. If action against an account is necessary, a final email will be sent.

One or two cancellations will NOT result in your account being limited.

Customer Holds

Not Ready for Your Order to Ship Yet?

Select customer hold as your shipping method during at check out. After payment is accepted, we will have your order held until you are ready for it to ship.

Want to Add to Your Customer Hold Order Before it Ships?

Simply place your new order(s) and select the customer hold shipping method during checkout and your new order(s) will be held so they can be linked when you are ready to have your order(s) shipped.

Ready to Have Your Customer Hold Order Shipped?

Once you are ready to have your order(s) shipped, simply email ([email protected]) or call (877-326-4429) our support team and let us know. Your order(s) will NOT ship until you have contacted Miniature Market Support.

  • Customer hold feature is currently only available within the continental 48 states.
  • Payment is required in full at time of purchase for all orders. Unpaid orders will be subject to cancellation and will not be held under the Customer Hold feature.
  • If Customer Hold is selected as the shipping method, the order will NOT ship until you contact Miniature Market.
  • If your order(s) total over $99 at the time of shipment, they will ship via our Free Shipping option. Orders totaling under $99 will require a $5.99 Flat Rate shipping fee.
  • Once you have requested your order(s) ship, it can take one to two business days to process and ship your order.
  • To ensure inventory integrity all individual orders must ship in one shipment. For this reason existing orders cannot be split into multiple orders or shipments.
  • Customer Hold feature is not available on Magic Singles or Star Wars Destiny Singles.
  • Any abuse of the Customer Hold system could result in the cancellation of your order(s) or the discontinued privilege of using this feature. (Ex: excessive cancellation of orders, attempting to circumvent other stated policies, etc.)
  • Our Customer Hold feature is subject to change or discontinuation at any time.

Customer Live Support

Customer Support Hours

Our Customer Support Team is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am CST to 5:00 pm CST. Customer Support is closed on all major holidays.

Contacting Support:

You can contact our Customer Support Team via email or phone. Our staff can be reached via email at [email protected] and via phone at 877-326-4429.

Response Times

Customer Support strives to answer all inquiries as quickly as possible. We answer all emails in the order in which they are received. We attempt to answer all emails within one business day.

The Drop

The Drop runs from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm. Once the allotted amount has sold out, The Drop ends. The Drop offers cannot be applied retroactively and cannot be honored after The Drop has expired. All Drop products are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and terms are non-negotiable. Additional promotions cannot be applied to items on The Drop. Due to the nature of The Drop, Drop items are ineligible for price adjustments or cancellation. Learn How it Works >

Gift Certificates

We sell gift certificates in United States monetary denominations starting at $5 and going up to $250. Gift Certificate codes are generated by our Customer Support Staff. If you order a gift certificate outside of our business hours, your gift certificate code will be generated and sent to you on the next business day. To use your gift certificate, proceed to checkout and enter the code in the “Discount Codes and Gift Certificates” box provided and hit “Apply Coupon”. You can check your remaining balance the same way. If you’re not ready to place an order but want to check the status and balance of your gift certificate, just login to your account and you can do so from your account dashboard. Gift Certificates expire 2 years after date issued.

Grading Policy

See Grading Policy page for more details

International Shipping

We do not offer free shipping to any order going outside the United States. Our international shipping is based on the total weight of your order. To get a real-time shipping quote, please put the item(s) in your cart and proceed to check out. After entering the country and postal code on the cart page, all the shipping options and associated costs will appear.

FedEx International Mail

Packages shipped via FedEx International Mail will come with tracking that will track your package through FedEx from the moment it leaves our warehouse until it reaches your country. Tracking from that point to delivery will be available, when offered, through your local Postal Service. Depending on destination country, your package can take up to 120 days to clear through the custom’s house process. Patience is appreciated while waiting during the long transit times. Please note: International tracking numbers can take 3-4 business days to become available. Tracking information is available at FedEx International MailService.

FedEx International Priority

Currently only available to shipping addresses in Australia. Packages shipped via FedEx, door to door. Includes detailed tracking information and delivery within 3-5 business days. Tracking information is available at FedEx.

International Economy Shipping

Depending on destination country, your package can take up to 120 days to clear through the custom’s house process. Patience is appreciated while waiting during the long transit times. Please note: International tracking numbers can take 3-4 business days to become available. Tracking Information

More Information

For more information on our international shipping options, please visit International Shipping.

Magic & Games Workshop

As an authorized Wizards of the Coast and Games Workshop online retailer, we cannot ship sealed Magic: The Gathering or Games Workshop items outside the U.S. This includes store owners. We will not make any exceptions.

Magic the Gathering & Star Wars Destiny

As an authorized Wizards of the Coast online retailer, we cannot ship Magic outside the U.S. This includes store owners. We will not make any exceptions.

Customer Hold feature is not available on Magic Singles.

Due to the fluidity of the collectible gaming market, we are unable to accept returns on singles. The only exception to this policy is if you have received a card in a condition inconsistent with the guidelines of our Grading Policy. If you feel this applies to a card you have purchased, email [email protected] within 3 days of delivery to resolve the issue via exchange or refund. Please wait for approval from our customer service team before sending back any merchandise.

Miniature Market reserves the right to cancel orders or remove individual Magic the Gathering items from orders placed within 24 hours of that customer ordering the shopping cart maximum quantity for that particular Magic the Gathering item on a previous order.

Ordering & Order Statuses

If you want to place an order on our website we require an email address to be associated with the order. This email address will also be your user id so you can log in and change your personal information. We will use this email address to send order confirmations and shipping notices as well.

Order Statuses

Order Received – When you place your order and the payment has been received, your order moves to this status.

Order Awaiting Release - This status means that your order has been received and your items reserved, however, processing will not occur until a later time. This delay in processing could be because your order has an item that is on preorder or because your order was placed using our Customer Hold feature. If your order contains one or more preorders your order will be processed and shipped once all preorder item(s) have released. In the case of a Customer Hold please contact our Customer Service team to have your order(s) released.

Staging Singles – If your order contains a Magic the Gathering singles or an open miniatures product, your order moves to this status to prepare it for processing.

Processing – Singles – In this order status, the Magic the Gathering and open miniatures products are quality checked for order integrity and brought together with the remaining items on the order.

Virtual Order Queue – This is the warehouse paperless order queue. Your order moves to this status when it is being prepared for our warehouse to begin your order.

Please note: From this stage on, we can no longer make adjustments to your order.

Virtual Order Processing – In this status, your order is actively being worked on by a Miniature Market warehouse employee. During this process in the chain, your order is pulled using a mobile order verification device to ensure order integrity.

Contents Verified – Your order has been brought together by the order puller and is now in queue to be packed for shipment to you.

Packaged – Your order has been packed and is awaiting shipment.

Shipped - The shipped status means that your order has been completed and a shipping label has been placed on your package. Our package pick up happens around 3:00 pm CST for the USPS and 5:00 pm CST for FedEx. Tracking information can take up to 24 hours after the packages have been picked up by the shipping company to be attached to your order.

Out of Stocks

If an item is out of stock on your order, we will refund your account for the item and ship the rest of the order. There are exceptions when we know an item will be restocked shortly, in which case we will hold the order and ship it in its entirety the following day.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

All pricing is listed in USD.

Our website accepts all major credit cards and PayPal as acceptable methods of payment. If you are a U.S. resident you may pay with a check/money order, but the items will not ship until payment has cleared. Orders not paid within 10 business days will be cancelled.

Sometimes we will temporarily discount a product's price or run promotions on certain product lines. These changes are time-sensitive and Miniature Market reserves the right to end a promotion at any time. Orders placed before a sale begins or after the expiration will not be eligible for the promotional rate.

Miniature Market reserves the right to cancel any orders containing pricing errors, with no further obligations to you, even after an order confirmation has been received. In the case of a pricing error Miniature Market will contact you via email regarding the error and will process a full refund for the order.


Many times we offer products for sale before they are released by the manufacturer. If you purchase one of these items, payment is required at the time the order is placed. If there are other items on the order, we will not ship the entire order until the preorder product comes out. If an item says preorder in the title, it means the item is not yet available and we are taking advance orders. The quantity available and 'In Stock' notation displays the amount we have left based on our current order with the supplier.

All preorders must ship out in one shipment and existing preorders cannot be split into separate orders.

Priority Processing

Priority Processing is a new feature that will move your order to the front of our order queue. The increase in priority means lower wait times for your order throughout the pulling, packing, and shipping process. For orders containing a preorder item or orders that have been put on Customer Hold, the Priority Processing will take effect when the order is released.

Please Note: Priority Processing feature decreases your order’s wait time in our warehouse queues, this feature does not affect your chosen shipping method.

Privacy & Security

Miniature Market knows that the privacy and security of your information is important to you. We appreciate that you trust us, and we want you to know how well we guard your privacy. By visiting our site, you accept the practices described in this notice.

What information about customers do we store?

Information given to us by you - We keep all information you enter, such as name address, etc. "Cookies" on your computer - We store a "digital cookie" on your computer so we can keep track of your shopping cart order when your are shopping with us. However, to protect your privacy, we don't show any of your account information until you have entered the password you selected when you set up your account. If you, as a user of the site, choose to not accept cookies, this will not prevent you from shopping on our site. However, you won't be able to use the shopping cart. After choosing the items you wish to purchase, you can then either e-mail the order to us, or call us on the phone, or fax us with the list of items you wish to order.

Information on current and past orders - We do store the contents of present and past orders on the website for your personal information. These are not accessible without entering the password you selected when you set up your account.

How secure is the information on the Web site?

All your private information is stored on the site using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the information you input. Only the information listed in the section below can be physically seen on our site, and only by yourself or someone else you have given your password to.

NOTE: Your credit card is never listed on our site. All our credit card processing is handled by PayPal, an international company authorized by all the major credit card companies to handle confirmation and charging of credit card numbers.


Miniature Market welcomes users of all ages to use our website. However, if you are under the age of 13, you may not register on our website without permission from your parents, as that is against FTC (Federal Trade Commission) rules about collection of personal information from children. If you then are under 13, and want to register on our site, we suggest that instead you have your parents register to use the site, and ask them permission to use their account.

Conditions of Use, Notices & Revisions

If you visit the Miniature Market Web site, your visit and any dispute over privacy is subject to this Notice and our Conditions of Use, including limitations on damages, arbitration of disputes, and application of the law of the state of Missouri. If you have any concerns about the privacy at Miniature Market, please send a thorough description to [email protected], or use our Customer Live Support tab, and we will try to resolve it. If we ever decide to change the way we use your personal information on our site, we will first notify you by e-mail of our intent to change our policy. You will be able to choose whether you are willing to be included in our policy change. If we ever change our Privacy Policy, we will post that change in the News section on the front page of our site, and will leave that notice posted for at least one month.

Support Links

We use email links located on the Contact Us page, Buying Page, FAQ Page and other informational pages, to allow you to contact us directly with any questions or comments you may have. We read every message sent in and reply to all questions asked within 1 business day. This information is used to respond directly to your questions or comments. We may (and often have) filed your comments to improve the site and its operations, or to correct mistakes you have pointed out to us. Your personal information is not shared outside the company under any circumstances, unless we first ask and you give us specific permission.

Product Alerts

Sign up on an item page to receive notifications regarding the item's price and inventory. You must be signed into your account to sign up for notifications and will receive confirmation on the product page for your product notification selections. In addition, you will see a record of your product notifications in your customer account.

Preorder Release

You will receive an email once the current preorder has arrived in our warehouse and released. Please note, however, that the release of an item does not guarantee the availability of that item for purchase. In cases of very popular items we may sell through our entire preorder allocation and may not have additional copies available for sale when the product first releases.

Price Drop

You will receive an email once the price drops on the selected product. You will be notified both for standard price changes as well as sale price changes. You will not, however, receive notification for Daily Deal pricing. To ensure you know about all of our Daily Deals, please sign up for our Daily Deal’s newsletter.

Please note that you will only receive one price notification. After receiving a price drop notification, you will need to sign up again for a product notification if you wish to be alerted of future price drops.

Low Stock

You will receive an email once the selected item has two or fewer items left in stock. This product notification does not reserve quantity for you and the item may still sell out shortly after the email has been sent. After receiving a low stock notification you will need to sign up again for the product notification if you would wish to not purchase the item at this time but do wish to be alerted of the low stock in the future.


You will receive an email once the selected item has been restocked. We regularly restock many of our popular items and do strive to restock at high enough quantities to fulfill current demand for a product. However, it is not uncommon that due to limited availability on an item, that we may receive smaller than desired restocks on popular items which will lead to the item selling out quickly after being restocked. This product notification does not secure quantity for you and the item could sell out again after the notification has been sent. After receiving a restock notification on a product you will need to sign up again for the product notification if you would wish to receive future notifications due to an out of stock.

Retail Store

Store Hours

The retail store is open Monday through Saturday 10:00 am CST to 10:00 pm CST and Sunday 10:00 am CST to 5:00 pm CST.

Store Inventory

The available stock counts on do not represent the available inventory at our retail store location.

Pick Up Orders

You are able to choose Retail Store – Pick Up (In St. Louis, Missouri) upon check out on our website.

Orders placed online by MIDNIGHT will be available for pick up the next business day (Monday-Friday). No deliveries are made on Saturday or Sunday. Orders placed after 12 am Friday, will be available for pick up on Monday.

If your order is not picked up within 30 days, your order is subject to cancellation

Returns & Replacements

All returns require approval and an RMA. Please email [email protected] for approval before sending back merchandise.

Miniature Market will accept returns on all unopened products within 2 weeks of delivery. Miniature Market does not cover shipping costs on returns. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. The restocking fee is waived if store credit is elected as the refund method.

If a sealed product contains missing or damaged parts, you will have to contact the manufacturer to correct the problem. If you need help finding the contact information for the manufacturer, you may call or email Miniature Market and we will be happy to assist you.

Due to the fluidity of the collectible gaming market, we are unable to accept returns on singles, including Magic: The Gathering and Star Wars Destiny. The only exception to this policy is if you have received a card in a condition inconsistent with the guidelines of our Grading Policy. If you feel this applies to a card you have purchased, email [email protected] within 3 days of delivery to resolve the issue via exchange or refund. Please wait for approval from our customer service team before sending back any merchandise.

Rewards Program

Program Participation

In order to receive rewards from the Miniature Market Customer Appreciation Program, you must be a registered user on our website. By creating an account you will automatically be enrolled in the reward program.

Earning Rewards

Orders placed while logged into your account will earn one (1) reward point per dollar spent. Points will not be awarded for portions of orders paid with gift cards, gift certificates, gift codes, or promo codes. Please see our Rewards Page for full details of our rewards program: Please note: You must be logged into your customer account in order to earn reward points. Throughout the year, we offer promotional increases to reward point acquisition. These promotions are advertised on our main website page and promotional emails.

Spending Rewards

To use your reward points, you must be logged into your account upon checkout. The option to use reward points, as well as your balance and the monetary equivalent, will be shown to you in your shopping cart.

Search Tips

We have a user friendly search, sort, and filter system on our website. For details and examples, view our navigation page.

If you are having trouble searching for a specific phrase or group of words, enclose the search terms in quotation marks.

Example: "Fire Demon"

Shipping & Delivery

Transit Companies

We ship out all of our orders via United States Postal Service and FedEx

Transit Times

Orders placed Friday and over the weekend will be processed the following Monday. We reserve the right to request signature delivery on any order. Our warehouse is located in St. Louis, Missouri and transit time varies based on destination. Orders going to either coast can take up to five business days to arrive. More information: FedEx Shipping Details

Tracking Information

Shipping confirmation will be emailed to customers at the end of each business day. The tracking number associated to the order will be attached to the order within 24 hours from time of shipment. Only orders for customers that have a registered account with us are able to view their tracking number from the customer account page.

Please note, international tracking numbers can take up to three business days to be loaded to customer accounts

Free shipping policy

Orders over $99 qualify for our free shipping discount. This applies only to the 48 continental states and to United States Military addresses (APOs & FPOs). Shipments going to Alaska or Hawaii do not qualify because of increased shipping rates to these addresses.

United States Shipping

Federal Express Ground Home Delivery

Federal Express Home Delivery is a ground transit shipping service provided by FedEx. FedEx Home Delivery operates Tuesday through Saturday, no deliveries are made on Sundays or Mondays. This option is offered free of charge for orders over $99 shipping to Illinois. Tracking information is available at FedEx.

Federal Express Standard Overnight/2 Day Air

Miniature Market now offers express domestic shipping through FedEx! In order to have your express order shipped on the same business day, the order MUST be placed by 12:00 Noon, CST. Shipping business days are Monday through Friday. FedEx does not offer pick up services on the weekend. Tracking information is available at FedEx.

Please Note: We do not offer the FedEx Saturday delivery service. Express orders containing Preorder items will NOT ship until their respective items become available. Requested modifications made to existing express orders will delay shipment, providing the order has not shipped already.

Federal Express Smart Post

FedEx Smart Post is a flat-rate service that we provide for orders under $99.00. The flat-rate charge is $5.99. FedEx Smart Post Packages transit from our warehouse to the delivery destination is a two phase process. FedEx moves the shipment from Missouri to the Postal Office in the destination zip code. The United States Postal Service then delivers the package on their normal delivery route. FedEx Smart Post can take an additional 1 to 2 days for delivery from Fed Ex Home Delivery. Tracking information is available at FedEx.

More Information: FedEx Shipping Details

Economy Mail Services

UPS Mail Innovations picks up United States Postal Service packages from our facility, and delivers them to the destination city’s USPS package sorting hub. USPS will deliver the package to the final destination. We do not offer expedited shipping through USPS at this time. Tracking Information

$0.99 Shipping

Orders containing only CCG or minis singles shipping to the continental U.S. are eligible for the $0.99 shipping option. Service includes tracking information.


You must be logged into your customer account to utilize the Wishlist Features:


You can add items to your Wishlist by clicking on the heart icon on any category or product page. Items can also be moved to your Wishlist from your shopping cart by clicking on the heart icon next to the product you want to move. Once you move an item to your Wishlist, it will no longer be in your shopping cart.


To view all items in your Wishlist, simply log into your account and click on Wishlist or if you are already logged in, you can easily find it by clicking the heart icon above the search bar. In your wish list you can also see the current selling price of the item as well as the current quantity available for sale.


Once an item is in your Wishlist, you can easily move it to your shopping cart to purchase, by clicking on the red shopping cart button.