Model Paints

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    Citadel Paint

    Citadel Paints represent an elite level of miniature and model paints. If you're painting up your next Warhammer 40k army, or Age of Sigmar host, Citadel Paints bring them to life! Miniature Market carries a huge selection of Citadel Paint sets that include famous pots such as Nuln Oil, Ultramarine, Agrax Earthshade, and more!

    Vallejo Paints

    Having a hard time choosing the right paint from Vallejo? Does the massive selection have you confused? Click one of the links below to help put you on the right course!

    Vallejo Air Color Paints - Perfect for airbrushes!

    Vallejo Game Color Paints - A great starting location for all shades and colors!

    Vallejo Mecha Color Paints - Bring your tanks, ships, planes, and mechanized monsters to life!

    Vallejo Metal Color - Make Armor, Weapons, and all things metallic shine!

    Vallejo Model Color - Looking for more shades and interesting colors?

    Badger Airbrush

    Ready to take your painting skills to the next level. Badger Airbrush kits let you quickly and expertly prime and basecoat models to a polished finish without ever needing to touch a brush. If you’re painting larger miniatures, airbrush kits are highly recommended.

    Scale 75

    Do you have new War Front miniatures that are gray? Do you want them to look alive, instead of generic plastic army men? Scale 75 paints are the perfect way to turn your soldiers from a gray, neutral horde into a terrifying mechanized force!

    Turbo Dork

    Looking for a paint set that is out of the ordinary? Do paints such as " Let Them Eat Cake", "Bees Knees", and "Prism Power" interest you? Check out Miniature Market's selection of Turbo Dork paints to find your newest crazy paint!

    Formula P3

    Do you need to paint your next Warmachine Miniature? Are you running low on Formula P3 paint? Miniature Market has the latest pots, dropper bottles, inks, shades and everything else that Formula P3 has to offer!

    Army Painter Warpaint

    Are you preparing a new army to take the field, and need to make sure that everyone is looking battle-ready? Army Painter Warpaints has an extensive selection of primers, mega paint sets, airbrush paints, mixing medium, varnishes, and more!

    Prismatic Paints

    Are you searching for a way to make your models pop, or stand out? Miniature Market carries a massive selection of WizKids and D&D prismatic paints. Choose from single dropper bottles, or collect an entire prismatic paint case!

    Reaper Bones High Density Paints

    Do you need to fill out your repertoire of Reaper High-Density Paints? Is there a certain color you're searching for but haven't found yet? Miniature Market has the latest in Reaper Bones High Density Paints!

    Reaper Bones Master Series

    Reaper Bones Master Series is a great way to easily get into miniature and model painting. With introductory sets such as Core Skills that teach you how to paint, and Ultra Coverage paints that can help you paint models faster, you can find near any paint or instruction set you need to get to a master level!

    Painting Supplies

    Are you searching for your next brush set? Do you need an assembly stand to help you hold models while you paint? Or do you need brush cleaners, paint mixing balls, pot holders, paint stands, or something else? Miniature Market has a complete selection of painting supplies that can rely on for all of your model painting needs!