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Reward Points FAQ

Last updated: March 17, 2022

How do I earn Miniature Market Reward Points?

Earn reward points at Miniature Market! In order to receive rewards, you must be a registered user on our website. By creating an account you will automatically be enrolled in the reward program. You will automatically receive points for product purchases and you are able to redeem your points on product purchases both online and at our retail store.

Please note:

For online purchases, you must be logged into your account in order to receive or redeem reward points.

For retail store purchases, all you need to do is provide an email address or use your key tag at checkout to receive or redeem reward points.

Points will not be awarded for portions of orders paid with gift cards, gift certificates, gift codes, or promo codes.

How do I spend my Miniature Market Reward Points?

Using your Reward Points is easy! You can redeem your reward points during the checkout process. When choosing your payment information, you will be shown your current balance and will have the option to choose how many points you wish to use on the purchase. Redeemable reward points can be used in conjunction with other payment methods such as credit cards, gift cards and more.

You can now spend your reward points in our retail store as well. All you have to do is scan your key tag at checkout or provide your email address and any points you currently have in your account can be redeemed on your purchase.

It's that easy! No coupon codes to enter, no further registration required. Your Reward Points balance is tied to your customer account, so make sure you've registered in order to start taking advantage of extra savings.

Do my Reward Points expire?

No. Once you have earned Reward Points and they are credited to your customer account, they will accumulate until you decide to spend them.

Are my Reward Points redeemable for cash?

No, your Reward Points are only redeemable during checkout for a discount on your current order.

It's my Birthday!

If you have created an account, have provided your birth date in your account information and have joined our email list, you will receive an email with a special gift!

Can I use my Reward Points retroactively to receive a refund on a previous order?

No. Reward Points are only redeemable on orders placed after you have earned them.

I've created an order, but my Reward Points haven't shown up yet. What's wrong?

Never fear, your Reward Points will become available for redemption as soon as your order has been fully processed. If you have any further issues, please contact customer service any time via email ([email protected]) or via phone (877-326-4429)

Can I earn and spend my Reward Points in the Retail Store?

Yes! You can certainly earn and redeem reward points at our retail store. You just need to provide your email address associated with your account at checkout, and you can earn points on your current purchase, as well as redeem any existing points that you already have. If you don't have an account, you can create one at the checkout so you will never miss out on reward points again. We also now will be providing our retail customers with key tags so they can scan and go, making earning and spending reward points even easier!

Rewards Program Terms and Conditions