About Miniature Market

Online Gaming Superstore since 2004

Miniature Market is Founded!

Miniature Market started in Buffalo, New York. We carried a limited supply of 500 products, which included mostly minis, dice and paints.


Relocated to St. Louis, MO in hope of becoming one of the best and largest gaming companies in the industry!


The doors of our first retail store opened off Watson Road in South St. Louis County.


We started to carry board games such as Ticket to Ride, Dominion, and Carcassonne. We also started carrying Magic the Gathering.


Our inventory expanded to over 18,000 items.


Moved to a 60,000 square foot retail & warehouse location elsewhere in South St. Louis County.


Launched Review Corner, which expanded our game review section to include multi-media game reviews & more!


Launched a responsive website AND our inventory expanded again to over 50,000 products!


We opened our new retail superstore, centrally located in West St. Louis County, near Highway 270 and Manchester Rd. We have over 4800 square feet of retail space and over 2200 square feet of dedicated event space!


We opened our second retail superstore, located in St. Peters, Missouri, near Highway 70 and Cave Springs Rd. This location has drive thru order pickup.


We opened our new, more-efficient facility in Hazelwood, MO! This not only doubled our space but improved how we use it, resulting in better, faster service to our customers.

The Future...

At Miniature Market, we carry something for nearly every aspect of gaming: board games, table top games, Magic: the Gathering, collectible miniatures, role-playing games and a wide variety of products from all the major gaming vendors. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, which is the core of our business. Our top priority is to keep our customers in mind with everything we do from designing an easy to navigate website, to providing product alerts, customer holds, and even great product support. Our friendly staff is ready to answer your emails or phone calls five days a week (Monday through Friday). If you have a question about an order, can’t find something on our site or just need advice on what to purchase – our staff would love to hear from you!