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If you want to create content that includes board games, trading card games like Pokemon, roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, or miniatures games + other hobby activities we will be the perfect partner for you!
*MM has the right to decline any affiliate application.

Why Join Our Affiliate Program
Earn passive income because you love games!

5% Commission

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How do I contact Miniature Market about the affiliate program?

Our marketing team is here to help and eager to get to know you! Email: [email protected]

I'm still not sure, what is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a way for individuals or businesses to earn commission by promoting products or services on their website or social media platform.

How does Miniature Market's affiliate program work?

Miniature Market's affiliate program is managed through an outside platform called Impact. It allows you to earn a 5% commission on all sales generated through unique links created by you. You will have a 7-day attribution window, meaning that any purchases made by a customer within 7 days of clicking on your link will be attributed to you. Commissions are paid out once a month. Please keep in mind the program is performance-based.

What types of products can I promote as an affiliate with Miniature Market?

Miniature Market offers a wide variety of tabletop gaming products, including board games, miniatures, trading card games, and more. As an affiliate, you can promote any of their products using your unique affiliate link. Please email us to request products to review!

How do I promote Miniature Market's products as an affiliate?

You can promote ANYTIME, the affiliate program is performance-based - meaning the more you share the more you can earn. There are many ways to promote Miniature Market's products as an affiliate. Some common methods include creating content about games on your website as a blog, creating a video, or posting on your social media platforms, sharing your unique affiliate link with your followers, or including Miniature Market's products in your email newsletters.

How often are commissions paid out?

Commissions are paid out once a month, typically on the 15th of the month. Approved transactions are paid 20 day(s) after the end of the month they lock.

How do I track my earnings as an affiliate?

Impact provides you with a dashboard where you can track your earnings and other metrics such as clicks and conversions. You can access this dashboard by logging into your affiliate account on their website.

What happens if a customer returns a product I promoted?

If a customer returns a product that you promoted and received the commission for, your commission will be deducted from your earnings for that month.