Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island (4th Edition)

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island (4th Edition)

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Rob's Top 10 Games with Campaigns

You are holding in your hands an adventure game for you and your friends to play as castaways on an uninhabited island. Your task is to build a shelter, ward off potential dangers, and complete the missions. There are seven different scenarios included in the box - they will provide you with new, more difficult and curious ways to play!

Explore the Island
Uncover its secrets
Set up camp
Create new items
Face numerous adventures
And survive....


9 Action Dice
3 Weather Dice
30 Pawn Stickers
Wooden Resource Markers
  ‣ 18 (min) Wood
  ‣ 7 (min) Fur
  ‣ 12 (min) Food
  ‣ 5 (min) Nonperishable Food
5 Wound Markers
15 Black Markers
15 White Markers
5 Blue Markers
1 Round Marker
8 Player Action Pawns
10 Neutral Action Pawns
11 Island Tiles
3 Adventure Tokens
3 Weather Tokens
20 Determination Tokens
22 Discovery Tokens
12 Special Wound Tokens
6 Number Tokens
5 Time-consuming Action Tokens
4 Add'l Food Tokens
5 Add'l Wood Tokens
4 Reroll Tokens
4 Greater Danger Tokens
1 First Player Token
1 Camp/Shelter Token
1 Basket Token
1 Sack Token
1 Shortcut Token
73 Event Cards
52 Mystery Cards
3 Wreckage Cards
90 Adventure Cards
30 Invention Cards
1 Arrange Camp Card
8 Starting Equipment Cards
16 Beast Cards
1 Friday Card & Action Pawn
1 Dog Card & Action Pawn
Game Board
4 Scenario Sheets
4 Character Sheets

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60-120 minutes

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