Star Wars Armada

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    Galactic Empire Armada

    The might of the Empire is yours to control. Field powerful Star Destroyers, Imperial Light Cruisers, Assault Carriers, and even the massive Super Star Destroyers!

    Galactic Republic Armada

    Shop for Galactic Republic Fleet Starter. Command the powerful capital ships from the prequel trilogy! Destroy your foes with the mighty Venator Star Destroyer, Pelta-class frigates, Fighter Squadrons, and more!

    Rebel Alliance Armada

    The Rebel Alliance fights for the freedom of the galaxy? Will you help them and become a commander of one of their iconic armadas?

    Separatist Alliance Armada

    Shop Star Wars Armada Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter. The Separatist Alliance seeks to assert its control over the galaxy! Will you join their ranks and command their ships in combat?

    Star Wars Armada Accessories and Supplies

    Do you need dial packs, upgrade card collections, maneuver tools, or dice packs? Click the link above for the accessories you may need for Armada!