Riftwalker: A Storm Hollow Card Game

Riftwalker: A Storm Hollow Card Game

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The Rifts of Storm Hollow are pieces of other worlds, torn up by the roots, and brought together by the power of an enormous magical storm.

Riftwalker is a tactical card game in which players manipulate a grid of elements to draw on their power. With this power a Riftwalker can explore and master the Rifts!

- Each Rift has an element needed to explore, shift, or score it.
- Shifting Rifts releases powers that can be used to further various strategies.
- Rifts are scored based on how may times they are shifted.

15 Element Cards
52 Rift Cards
4 Score Pile Cards
4 Reference Cards

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 30 minutes