Aeon's End: Past & Future Expansion

Aeon's End: Past & Future Expansion

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After the Fall, Old Gravehold was buried in rubble. After the civil war between Brama and Z'hana, New Gravehold was forever changed. But there are more stories out there than just the fate of one city. Hundreds of years before humanity fled below ground, people lived in great cities in The World That Was.

Hundreds of years after the era of New Gravehold, humanity continues to prosper in small, scattered villages built up around old ruins. Even after many centuries, the descendants of mages past are paying for the mistakes of their ancestors. Mistakes which should have remained buried forever. But learning about history is the only way to stop it from repeating.

15 Stop Decks
10 Envelopes
2 Narrative Booklets
18 Card Dividers
1 Tether Token
28 Knowledge Tokens
10 Link Tokens
1 Consuming Breach
8 Cost Counters
5 Artificial Breaches
24 Aether Tokens
6 Shield Tokens
3 Silence Tokens

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Aeon's End: The New Age or Aeon's End: Outcasts is required to play.

• Cooperative Play
• Deck/Pool Building
• Hand Management
• Variable Phase Order
• Variable Player Powers