Age of Innovation

Age of Innovation

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Manufacturer: Capstone Games

Age of Innovation @ 39:30

Age of Innovation is a standalone game set in the world of Terra Mystica.

Assorted factions, each with unique characteristics, populate this world of varying terrains. Here you will compete to erect buildings and merge them into cities. Each game allows you to create new combinations of factions, homelands, and abilities so that each game isn't the same as another.

You control one of these factions and will terraform the game map's terrain into your homelands where you can erect your buildings. Proximity to other factions may limit your expansion, but it also gains you significant advantages in the game. This tension adds to the appeal of the Terra Mystica series.

Upgrade your buildings to gain valuable resources such as tools, scholars, money, and power. Build schools to advance in different sciences and collect books, which you can use to make innovations. Build your palace to gain a powerful new ability to build workshops, guilds, and universities to complete your culture.

With 7 double-layered planning displays, 12 factions, 17 palace abilities, 18 innovations, and other variable game components, you'll be able to create an almost inexhaustible number of game combinations. Couple that with the large number of high-quality wooden parts, and you have all you need for an enduring and exciting gaming experience!

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 40 minutes per player

• Hexagon Grid
• Turn Order: Pass Order
• Variable Player Powers
• Victory Points as a Resource