Agueda: City of Umbrellas

Agueda: City of Umbrellas

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Agueda: City of Umbrellas Playthrough
Agueda @ 59:22

Decorate the city streets of Águeda with colorful umbrellas in this quick-playing family game.

As an artist, you will need to balance the requests of the city, shops, and tourists to create the most stunning arrangement of umbrellas.

  1. Place umbrellas

  2. Reveal your murals

  3. Attract tourists to your street

1 Market Board
5 Player Boards
5 Café Boards
5 Scoring Markers
1 Wooden Bicycle Token
15 Tourist Tiles
20 Cardboard Coins
30 Wooden Tourist Meeples
30 Mural Tiles
18 Shop Cards
6 Wooden Shop Markers
120 Plastic Umbrella Tokens
1 Draw Bag
1 Solo End Game Scoring Card
10 Tour Guide Cards
2 Rulebooks (EN, PT)

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 20-40 minutes

• Pattern Building
• Tile Placement
• Worker Placement