Fanticide: Rulebook & Cards

Fanticide: Rulebook & Cards (Thanksgiving Leftovers Sale)

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Manufacturer: Alien Dungeon

28mm Scale

Nowhere is a deadly place to any mortal, and your body and soul will be forfeit to bloodthirsty, rampaging warbands. No quarter will be given; no hero will rescue you, if fate fins you in this unforgiving land, traveler. Heed my warning. Kiss your loved ones. Hold them close, and enjoy the comfort of your warm fire and your mundane lives; do not proceed to Nowhere.

Fanticide is a miniatures skirmish wargame where you command a warrior band of the most bizarre and violent creatures imaginable. Prepare to do battle against both rival warbands and the deadly, dangerous, and surreal world of Nowhere itself.

In this rulebook:

A dreamlike trip through the realms that comprise the ever-changing world of Nowhere. Visit the dark recesses of Underside, fly on a magic carpet through the floating islands of the Kingdom of Odd, explore the forbidding Great Forests and roam across the Wastes of Time; but watch out if you ever find yourself near the Hole, especially when it blows its deadly winds.

The Core Rules
Fanticide's fast and furious card-based unit activation system will grip you from the start. This section contains all the basic rules of the game, tells you about your warriors' strengths and weaknesses, and explains how to overcome your enemies and take their souls with bow, axe, and claw.

Advanced Rules
For players who want even more detail, this section builds onto the basic rules, introducing the Magic of Soul, Time, Frost, and Fire, as well as weaponry and equipment, both mundane and magical, including arcane alien relics ejected from the Hole.

The Great Sinning Scenario
This section ensures that no two games of Fanticide will ever be the same, with variable deployment and game objectives, all based on the Seven Deadly Sins. Will your Centaurs fight for Greed, Pride, or ... Lust?

The Warbands
Here you'll find four warrior lists enabling you to select warbands to equal points values ready to face your opponent - proud Liberi Centaurs, greedy Flying Monkeys, ravenous Creeps, and lustful Fae Satyrs are at your disposal.

We provide you with reference sheets, an explanation of the deck of cards needed to play Fanticide, and, most important of all, a complete system that will allow you to turn any rag-tag collection of miniatures into a new warband for use in our game. For Nowhere is a vast and unfathomable realm, and who knows how many different races and cultures lurk in its uncharted and mysterious realms.

Includes Activation and Event Decks.