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Alpujarras @ 1:13:10

During the great Arab Agricultural Revolution, hardworking farmers transformed the landscape of the Alpujarra into a world of bounty. With their innovative irrigation and terracing techniques, they brought water to the hillsides to create fertile farmlands.

Take on the role of a fruit farmer, diligently working to grow your crops and deliver them to the hillside villages. With dedication and tenacity, you can live a rewarding life close to this wonderful land and all its beauty.

  • Move your mule on the track to choose actions

  • Send farmers to the fields to grow fruit

  • Irrigate fields to make them more productive

  • Deliver fruit to earn dirhems

1 Game Board
10 Track Segments
15 Channel Tokens
5 Award Tokens
4 Wooden Mules
60 Wooden Farmers
105 Wooden Fruits
  ‣ 21 Oranges
  ‣ 21 Cherries
  ‣ 21 Grapes
  ‣ 21 Lemons
  ‣ 21 Apples
15 Wooden Norias
1 Die
10 Crop Tokens
10 Goal Tokens
50 Coins
25 Delivery Tokens
4 Goal Cards
20 Delivery Cards
1 Market Card
5 Reference Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 30 minutes per player

• Turn Order: Time Track