Army Painter Mega Brush Set

Army Painter Mega Brush Set

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Manufacturer: Army Painter

With the Mega Brush Set you get the very best wargames brushes available - fulfilling every aspect of painting!

The Mega Brush Set embodies the highest quality brushes available today:

- Psycho - molecular precision

- Insane Detail - for the smallest details

- Detail - for creative brushwork

- Character - ultimate highlight brush

- Regiment - for bulk unit painting & basecoating

- Monster - for everything large and scary

- Small Drybrush - 43 degree angle infantry drybrush

- Large Drybrush - angled and perfect for large areas

- Stippling - for adding weathering and blood spatter effects

- Vehicle - the undisputed tank master

The Wargaming Brushes have a professional triangular handle giving you the perfect grip thus enhancing your accuracy with details and basecoating

The Psycho BR7014
Insane Detail BR7004
Detail BR7005
Character BR7006
Regiment BR7007
Monster BR7008
Small Drybrush BR7009
Large Drybrush BR7010
Stippling BR7013
Vehicle BR7011
Kolinsky Masterclass Brush