Army Painter Warpaint - Strong Tone Ink (18ml)

Army Painter Warpaint: Strong Tone Ink (18ml)

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Manufacturer: Army Painter

This Warpaint Ink Wash is a perfect match of the Quickshade of the same name. Ideal for adding extra shading, touching up mistakes and for washing the whole of the model.

Note: Some bottles may have a Runewars label.

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This is the ink I use the most. Very useful for most washing purposes.
If you want your miniatures to have a nice look of shading or even a slightly dirty look this product is excellent. It's even great at quickly blending between two colors. This is best used when you have a large number of miniatures that need washes.

It's ink rather than a wash you can use slightly less to get a similar effect. It also takes a bit longer to dry.

It doesn't have the issue of being weaker like newer releases of similar products.

Overall an excellent product.

Game Play
Review by Caleb on 10/19/2015