Archeos Society

Archeos Society

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Manufacturer: Space Cowboys

Archeos Society @ 1:00:40

The expedition has arrived on site. Among those we've recruited are a pilot, a reporter, a botanist, anad a few students. Our competitors are also here. Therefore, we kindly request that you send an additional team so that we can make discoveries quicker than they do.

Guide your team in Archeos Society as you explore legendary sites! You must decide whether to form small expeditions for quick progression, or larger expeditions that are more efficient but slower to assemble.

On each of your turns, you either recruit a new explorer or launch an expedition by playing your cards using a group of matching colors or roles. Choose your expedition leader wisely as they determine which region you explore and provide a special ability for that expedition. Note that whenever you launch an expedition, unplayed cards in your hand are made available for your opponents to recruit!

To achieve victory, you must carefully manage your efforts in recruiting and accumulating discoveries, all while monitoring the progress of your competitors.

1 Rulebook
1 Score Track
6 Double-sided Site Boards
159 Card
54 Vehicles
6 Player Tokens
1 Botanist Frame
1 Linguist Track
36 Relic Tokens
6 Museum Boards
6 Professor Tokens

Ages: 12+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 60 minutes

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