Galaxy Defenders: Core Set

Galaxy Defenders: Core Set

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Rob Plays Galaxy Defenders

Galaxy Defenders is a Sci-Fi cooperative, tactical battle game in which 1 to 5 players fight together against an oncoming alien menace. Each player takes control of one or more agents with unique powers to defend the planet from the alien invasion.


Gameplay revolves around a tactical combat system, using custom 10 sided dice. Each player sequentially plays his Agent turn and then one Aliens turn. Players carry out their turns [agent and aliens] in clockwise order until the last player finishes his Aliens turn. Once done, the game passes to the Event phase that will bring the players to the next round.

There is no "Alien player." In Galaxy Defenders, the aliens are controlled by the game system itself, through an artificial intelligence system based on two types of cards:

- Alien cards, defining the behavior of each different alien, and detailing its skills and combat abilities.
- Close Encounter cards, used beginning of each alien turn to determine which aliens activate.

The combination of a unique A.I. for each alien species, and the uncertainty about alien activation in a turn, are an incredibly realistic simulation of the chaos of battle, and provide a very sophisticated challenge to the players.

In order to save our planet from the incoming aliens, the players may choose up to five agents:

- Marine: Coming from U.S. Special Forces, the Marine is an excellent soldier who can manage different combat situations, especially multiple enemies.
- Biotech: The Biotech is the most technologically adept agent in service. He can use Nano-Technology to heal wounds or control war drones.
- Infiltrator: A deadly and stealthy agent. This lethal specialist prefers hiding in the shadows. She has fast movement and good short-range combat ability.
- Sniper: A silent sharpshooter and expert in camouflage and ranged combat. The sniper has average movement and excellent long-range firepower.
- Hulk: The Hulk was a successful mercenary and now is one of the best agents; although slow, he enjoys an extraordinary resistance to damage and has high firepower.

Scalable Difficulty:

The turn structure allows the level of difficulty to scale dynamically, based on the number of agents in play. More agents bring more activations for the aliens. The system provides an appropriate level of difficulty, regardless of the number of players. If agents die during the game, the system "recalibrates" the difficulty to a reasonable and enjoyable level, so you still have a chance to complete the mission.

Campaign & Rank-up System:

The battle for Earth will be carried out in a series of 12 missions organized in a completely story-driven campaign. Mission events influence future games in two different ways:

- Each mission has multiple endings and the outcome of any mission will change the flow of the story.
- The agents gain experience during the missions. This experience transforms a good soldier into a perfect Galaxy Defender agent with multiple skills, basic and improved tactics, and the ability to use new devices, improved human weapons, and Alien technology.

You are about to join a secret agency responsible for detecting and stopping alien activity on Earth... keep reading, if you dare, but keep in mind two simple truths:

They are already here

They are not friendly!

You will be part of an elite squad formed by up to 5 agents involved in critical, tactical missions. You will encounter hostile aliens, so be prepared to engage with extreme prejudice.

Rulebook (40 Pages)
Storybook (56 Pages, 12 Missions)
5 - Quick Reference Guides
5 - Agent High-Detailed Plastic Miniatures
2 - Drone High-Detailed Plastic Miniatures
21 - Alien High-Detailed Plastic Miniatures
6 - Double-sided Map tiles (12 different maps)
5 - Custom D10
Attack/Defence Blue Dice
5 - Custom D10 Improved Attack Red Dice
5 - Agent Profile Sheets
22 - Event Cards
32 - Close Encounter Cards
22 - Alien Cards
10 - Improved Weapons
10 - Alien Weapons
20 - Tactics
23 - Devices
15 - Skills
40 - Wounds
32 - Ammo
20 - Shields
4 - Alien Tech Fragments
6 - Human Signals
9 - Alien Signals
2 - Guard
5 - Paralyzed/Immobilized
4 - Land Mines/Flames
1 - Trap/White Flame
4 - Waypoints
10 - Locked/Blocked
12 - Jam
1 - Improved/Alien Armory
4 - Teleport Points
1 - Alien NPC
3 - Door Teleport Hexes Overlays
2 - Area Map Overlays
20 - 2x
Hexes Map Overlays
1 - 2x Hexes Sally/Sunny
3 - Galaxy Balls

Ages: 12+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 120 minutes

• Cooperative Game
• Dice Rolling
• Grid Movement
• Variable Player Powers
• Modular Board