Arkham Horror Novel: Shadows of Pnath

Arkham Horror Novel: Shadows of Pnath

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A brave few fight against the ancient entities lurking at the edge of our reality, whose powers would lay waste to our world. . .Welcome to Arkham Horror.

Notorious thief Countess Alessandra Zorzi has a new vocation: reacquiring the occult artifacts she once stole in order to put them in safer hands at Miskatonic University. With new apprentice Pepper Kelly by her side, Zorzi heads to Paris to find her next target. But the city is rife with spies and the countess has many enemies.

When Pepper is kidnapped by an old foe with a grudge, Zorzi's plans are thrown into chaos. Now she must rescue her apprentice, recover ancient tome Cultes des Goules, and prevent her former flame (and newfound nemesis) from summoning a ghoulish horror from the depths. Growing a conscience has never caused so many problems. . .

332 pages

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